Monday, July 26, 2010


We just returned from a 10 day, whirlwind vacation. We drove over 1200 miles, throughout 4 states. We slept in 5 different places, visited family and took in 5 different attractions and saw many beautiful sights. We had a WONDERFUL time, but we probably overdid ourselves. Since we stayed at 5 different places, it feels like we were constantly packing up and unpacking.....and we have a lot of stuff with 4 of them being Gavin! So, while we were refreshed by all the fun, we are also exhausted from all that it takes to travel with our bunch!

I don't know about you, but coming home from a vacation always gives me a feeling of saddness. You work so hard planning, packing, traveling and it goes so fast and then you are home again.....way too soon! This is how I'm feeling today. I feel so blessed to have been given this time away, but now I dread getting back into "the real world." There is TONS of laundry, unpacking, cooking, cleaning, shopping.....UGH!

Not only these things to deal with though. We came home to some other depressing things as well:

Joel's car has a brake line leak!

Our dryer was broken!

Our pool's water, that we put so much work into getting it up and running, is totally green and may never get back to normal again, without having to drain it!

There was a big storm while we were gone, and it left us a mess.....lots of branches and twigs are down to clean up!

This storm that hit also totally flipped our trampoline over onto the netting side and the poles are bent and maybe unrepairable!

And, while we were away our dog scared my Mom by having ticks found on him....she got them off, so hopefully he doesn't get sick from them!


(Picture taken at King's Island.....they have Peanuts characters there, which we love!)

After coming home to all of these wonderful surprises, I am totally understanding why Charlie Brown always says, "Good Grief!"

This Momma is feeling let down and depressed, has a negative attitude, and is in need of an attitude adjustment.........or maybe just another vacation!!!

I'll share more pictures and details once I get back in the swing of things. GRRR!

"Even in laughter the heart may sorrow, and the end of mirth may be grief." Proverbs 14:13


April said...

Aw, I'm glad you had a wonderful vacation, but sorry you came home to some sad things. Hang in there!

Lacey said...

I always fear coming home from vacation and seeing my house burnt down or some crazy thing. Do you have a filter in your pool that will filter that out?
I think going to Disneyworld together is a great idea! I don't know if they will coordinate like that, but we can ask. I think you are farther along than me. We haven't gotten the invite for the wish yet, just an email getting my info so she can send it to my doctor for verification!

Cammie Heflin said...

Glad you are home now though! Our trampoline was taken away in a tornado three years ago and part of the netting is still up in a huge tree behind us! Five neighbors had trampolines blow away, wouldn't that have been a sight?? Trampolines flying everywhere?

Amy said...

OH NO! I'm so sorry...what a terrible way to return to civilization! :o( I hope you're able to fix everything without too much money & time. Owning a house and car is awesome until it isn't; we've have LOTS of these reminders ourselves these past few weeks. BLECH!


ANewKindOfPerfect said...

Oh man, what a mess you returned to! I hope it doesn't take too long to get it cleaned up.

I always say I need a vacation to recover from a vacation!

Becky said...

Good grief is RIGHT! So sorry. I'm feeling you on the MANY miles.

Heather said...

Hoping and praying, that tomorrow,or in this case today is a better day.Hang in there momma.Hang in there.

Annette Gysen said...

We just got back from vacation, too, and while it isn't nearly as complicated for us as it is for you (especially on your return ):), I share some of your sentiments. I enjoyed vacation very much and the break was nice, but one thought that kept going through my head was, "Vacation is work, too!"

Hope you're able to get back to normal soon!

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear you had a good time.
As far as the pool goes, do not drain it. Collect a sample in a clean container and bring it to a pool place. They will test it and let you know what you need. More than likely you will need an algecide. Not too big of a deal. The Hilton's

Alicia said...

Wow, Good Grief is right!! I am so sorry you returned home to all of that. It is hard enough to adjust after vacation without all that junk going on! I hope things can get fixed easily and get back to normal soon! Hugs!

Debbie said...

I am sure I will be feeling some of that to next month.

Hope your mood is lifting and you are feeling better. Looks like your whole family will have to pitch in and get things back to normal!

Sorry you had to come home to that!

Sending hugs your way...

joven said...

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Inspired said...

Good grief is right! Hard to end a vacaion with not just normal real world stuff, but all the other messes makes it even worse. Hang in there!!