Wednesday, February 16, 2011

We are having a party.....and you are all invited!!!

Why are we having a party?

Because it's a new day, and EVERY day that the sun comes up is a day to celebrate!

Not enough reason for you?

OK, how about because I am feeling so much better, besides still feeling exhausted.....but who am I kidding, I feel tired pretty much every day! So, the fact that I am feeling tons better...that's a reason to celebrate right?!

Still not enough reason?

How about the fact that Gavin is OFF oxygen and smiling again?!

Yes, he is! His sats are great(for him)! And, he is sleeping well and is happy! He's still coughing lots, but we can handle "just" a cold, after what he's been through the last 2 weeks! He is feeling so much better and we feel like celebrating!

Oh..........and this is Gavin's and my 500th post of blogging!!!!!

This is the REAL reason for our party!

This blog was started on January 15, 2007. My sister started it for me on the day of Gavin's 1st open-heart surgery. She started it so that our family and friends could keep up with Gavin's progress, and so that they could send us messages of support while we were away at the hospital with him.

I didn't think that I would keep this blog going after Gavin was back home and doing well. But, life had a different plan for Gavin and our family.....and well.....although we believe Gavin is doing great these days(in Gavin terms), his life and health never really got to that "doing well phase" that we had expected it to get to. So, I kept on blogging about Gavin's health and trials and about our family's daily lives.....and along the way we met some great people who were going through similiar situations.

And, I can't even begin to tell you what a blessing blogging has been to me! The prayers that have been lifted up for our family have been so appreciated! The help that our family has received has been so needed, and we have been so humbled by the generosity that has been shown to us! Also, the friends that I now refer to as family, that we have met along this blogging journey have kept me afloat on those trying days...and have filled my heart when I felt like I was dying inside...and who have supported me like so many just aren't able to do, because they just don't or can't "get it" like some of us can!

I am so thankful for so many things in my life....and the friends that have supported me and my family, because of this wonderful world of blogging, is right up there with some of my biggest thanks in life!

Now you may be able to understand why we are having a PARTY!

I just had to celebrate this wonderful thing!

500 posts of: hard times, good times, whining, rejoicing, complaining, sharing, venting, praying for each other, laughing, giving thanks, learning, meeting great people, falling in love with such inspirational children, crying, joking, lifting up prayers, falling down and getting back up again, supporting, getting support, sharing the love of God, and LIVING!

WOW! I am in tears over here!

Thank you to all of you who have read, prayed, rejoiced, shared, and helped me along this road! I couldn't have done it without all of you! I truly thank God for you, and I look forward to sharing life with all of you in the days and years to come!

So, how are we planning to celebrate? Well, it's kind of hard to have a party when we are all over this planet.....but I guess we can all just smile and thank God for bringing us to one another, even if it's only through a computer screen!


I have a gift for someone who comments on this post.

*If you don't feel comfortable commenting publicly on this blog and want to comment by e-mail, that's OK too! (, or on facebook, or even give us a call!* We just want to know who's out there and want to say thanks! :)

I want to give back just a tiny bit of what's been given to me and my family.

So, all you lurkers, who read but never comment, this is a great day to say Hi, and join in on the fun! I promise, we don't bite! :) And, we love to meet new people and know who is out there praying for Gavin!

One commenter is going to win a prize. It's nothing big, but I personally would like to receive this gift.

We are going to write down all of the names of people who comment on this post, onto pieces of paper, and we are going to draw a name from a bowl....and the winner will get:

A $25 gift card to Target! (I mean, who doesn't like to shop at Target?!)


We will also donate $25 to a charity of your choice!

(A charity that we approve of anyway.)

So, THANK YOU for 4 years of love, prayers, support and kindness! And, here's to 4 more years of getting to know each other, and to sharing our lives with one another!

Now.....get to commenting! And, Happy blogging! :)

"This is the day the Lord has made; we will rejoice and be glad in it." Psalm 118:24


Cari Weymouth said...

We've known each other a very long time and I feel as though I've grown to know you so much more in the past four years. You've really opened yourself up and led us through your journey, which has allowed me to grow as a person. You are a remarkable and strong woman, with an amazing family, and a magnificent faith. I love reading the blogs and I thank God for you every day.


Colleen said...

I love seeing that smile and hearing that he's feeling good. Woohoo!

Rick Oppenhuizen said...

What a party! I am one of those "lurkers" who has been so blessed by reading "Gavin's Voice". He is such a blessing. It is a joy to see his happy smiling face. And I read your blogs almost "devotionally". God has given you the gift of not only writing, but also matching the post with the perfect scripture. Keep it up and I will keep up the prayers for all of the VW's. God Bless.

Michelle said...

All I can type is *happy dancing*

God bless you, you mean so much to me!!

The Russchers said...

Alicia, What a blessing your blog is. I enjoy reading each and every post. I was Nolan's teacher when Gavin was born and I have been so glad to be able to hear about your journey through "Gavin's Voice." You have a wonderful family and thank you for using your gifts to share with the rest of us. May you have a blessed day!
Lisa Russcher

Unknown said...

Oh, he looks so good! And happy! Definitely worth celebrating. I have to say that blogging can be like therapy for me as well. Even though I have been absent for the last couple of months I have found myself checking in on the few blogs I follow because these families have come to mean something more to me that being strangers. I find myself smiling and rejoicing when things are going well in your life and feeling my heart being pulled and tugged as you go through your struggles. And I feel like we can relate so much. Thank you for sharing your stories and your life. With all the said . . . Let the party begin!

Davilyn said...

I love parties! And I love your blog. Being a nurse that used to do home health care for kiddos like Gavin, it has been an amazing blessing to see one of these angels thru the eyes of his mommy. Thank you for sharing and helping me to be a better mom and nurse. And thank you for sharing your faith in such a beautiful way. Now...back to lurking. :)

Annette Gysen said...

Congratulations, Alicia! The prize is knowing that you and Gavin are feeling better and that he's smiling again! What would I do without my Gavin fix? Your family is a "regular" on my prayer list, and knowing what's happening in your life makes it easier to pray for you.Thanks for sharing your ups and downs with such honesty and for being such a testimony to God's faithfulness.

Michelle said...

Yay for Gavin being off oxygen! Great news! Congrats on the 500th post too! Thanks for sharing Gavin's journey with us!

Missie said...

I can't even tell you how happy I am to know that Gavin is back to smiling and feeling better! I am right there with you with the tears! So thankful to our wonderfu Heavenly Father for restoring health to your household! I really enjoyed the little bit of time that I was able to spend with you and the boys last week. Thanks for sharing with me! WOW 500 posts, that is AWESOME Alicia!!!! Love that you are in a party-mood and you definitely have things to celebrate! God is good!!!! Hugs to you all!

April said...

500 posts! WOW! So good to see him smiling, and I'm glad your feeling better, too! love you!!
(ps-- I don't know if I've ever told you how much I love the music you choose...)

Lacey said...

My favorite little man. I see so much of Jax in him it just makes me tear up! I'm so proud of him for handling this cold from home. I hope hope we can get to Disneyworld together, if not, someday we'll meet.
(Oh, tell the make a wish people you want to meet another family there for your wish, maybe they'll make it work;)

Stephanie said...

Well you managed to put me in tears too. So glad Gavin is feeling better, and YOU too!!! You had me worried the other day.

Hugs , love and prayers to my friend!

Emily said...

Congrats! I'm so excited to hear health is returning to your home. Sleeping and smiling are great signs :) 500 posts is awesome, I'm glad blogging has been a blessing to you and I know that it has been a blessing to many of us. I have learned so much reading your blog. I'll keep praying and reading . . . God bless!

Pam Souter said...

I've been following you since the beginning, and as you know, praying along with you!

Heather said...

Amazing reasons to celebrate.Each and everyone of them.I am especially partial to the no oxygen and and smiles returning!

You my friend are a blessing.I am so very thankful to have found you in this great big world of blogging.You have been a constant source of support in words and prayers and for that,I feel so very,very blessed!

This is was an amazing post Alicia.Thank you for sharing your beautiful family with us.

Reagan Leigh said...

So glad that you are feeling better! I can only imagine how difficult it was getting through a week with both you AND Gavin being sick!!! Love these pics of him! He's such a sweet little boy! Happy Anniversary!!

Robin Zondervan said...

500 posts is fantastic! I love following your and Gavin's stories and am really glad to hear everyone is starting to feel better. We've been praying for you!

Robin Zondervan

Theresa said...

So glad you guys are doing better! I'm thankful for your blog - it's honest and uplifting!

Love ( Founder YUP/ Enlive.Inn) said...

Just added you and i am so very proud of you for living sucha phenomenal life with your kids... and i love them all:) God has a plan for Gavin, juts like he had for you to bring this child into this world and love him like no one else cud...and God has a plan for him too:) and we should always try to take all that god offers us like a sacred , most miraculous thing. and God makes sure he then fills our life with wonders.

May gavin grow up to be a strong wise and happy man... and hope he does better then our wildest imagination. Amen.

Good luck and best wishes...