Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Got to Dance!

A couple of days ago a friend posted the following video on her FB page. She warned us to grab some tissue before we watched it. I didn't follow her advice, but I wished that I had when I had tears rolling down my face! They were mostly tears of joy, but some filled with sadness as well.

Watch these Down syndrome cuties cut loose with their siblings, in an expression of dance. And, tell me you didn't get a smile on your face, with perhaps a few tears mixed in as well!

*Pause music on the right-hand sidebar of this blog to hear video!*

Told ya that you'd smile, and maybe even need a tissue! :)

I am always amazed by the emotions that come forth when people are around those who have Down syndrome. I'm not sure why it amazes me, because I have experience with the joy they bring to others! I really don't think it's possible to not become happy when you are around such fun, innocent and perfect human beings!

I was seriously crying tears of joy as I watched them dance with abandon. But, then the tears of sadness crept in. I pictured Gavin being able to dance with such energy and happiness.....and my tears turned to sobs and longing.

I long for Gavin to have such ability! I wish with all my heart that Gavin hadn't suffered a life-altering stroke, and that he could be up.....dancing.....and running! It made me think of the "What if's." What if Gavin hadn't had a severe brain injury? What if Gavin was able to talk, walk, run, play and lead a more purposeful life?

I will never know the possibilities that Gavin might have had.......and this breaks my heart!

I do believe that Gavin dances in his own way though. Sometimes he gets so excited and his body just starts a movin'! I choose to believe that this is Gavin's way of dancing in the only way that he knows how to dance. And, Guess what? This Momma thinks it's the best dancing that she has ever seen!

And, when I see him wiggling, moving, smiling and squealing his deep squeals....I know that Gavin is doing the best he is able to, to come out of his stroke-damaged brain, and that he is trying so hard to relate with us and share with those around him.....So, he REALLY is leading a purposeful life!

His purpose is to bring happiness to others, and to teach us lessons of gratitude! And, I believe that Gavin does his job very well!

On a slightly different note:

For the past 3 years I have had the desire to adopt a child who has Ds. I've thought about it, and I've prayed about it. I've even tried to talk myself out of this crazy desire! I've told myself that it's just not possible, and that we just can't take on such a huge undertaking! I've done everything that I can to put it out of my mind....but this desire just won't go away!

I keep asking myself why I desire to adopt another sweetie with Ds. I ask myself why I have this feeling that our family just isn't complete yet. I ask why I want another child, when my hands and life are so busy with the 4 that I already have! I've woke up many mornings telling myself that our family is complete and to STOP thinking about this crazy thought!

But, it won't go away!

Joel has listened to me for the past 3 years. I'm quite sure that he has listened with closed ears most of the time! :) But, lately he has been praying about this as well. He knows that it's important to me, and he is willing to seriously consider this huge undertaking.

I'm asking that you pray for us in this matter. We feel that the answer is there, but it just hasn't been shown to us yet. Please pray that we will make wise choices and that we are shown a clear answer in this tough decision!

I know that we have lots of love to give, and many opportunities to share with another child. I also know that there are many Ds blessings out there without a Mom and a Dad.....who are waiting to be loved and cared for. It breaks my heart to think that they aren't being given the chance to grow, to be loved, to be given opportunities that children need to be given, and the chance to DANCE with abandonment in a family who adores them!

"Let them praise His name with dance; let them sing praises to Him with the timbrel and harp. For the Lord takes pleasure in His people; He will beautify the humble with salvation." Psalm 149:3-4


Unknown said...

I love it when they squirm all around when they are happy. It just makes me smile.
I'll definitely keep you guys in my prayers as you wait for God to open the door to whatever He has planned for your already crazy life. :)

Stephanie said...

When I saw this I didn't know who was making me cry more, the beautiful expressions on the kids dancing or the bursting with pride looks on the parents! We must have watched it a dozen times and cried more and more! And how the judges reacted!! You know they were touched , I don't think they really expected to be so moved.

And YES I'm praying for you and this decision!!

Lacey said...

That video had me bawling my eyes out!!
Let me tell you from experience...Jax and Gavin are difference souls. Arina is no harder to take care of than a normal baby. You'll be amazed at the difference.

April said...

That really touched my heart today-- thank you for sharing xo!

Michelle said...

Keeping you and Joel in prayer.

macktosh said...

your in my prayers


Debbie said...

YOU amaze me!
Any child would be so blessed to be a part of your wonderful family.
I will definitely be praying for direction for you.
Oh, and way to go hubby for listening and understanding your desires....sounds like a good man!

Today I asked about the Keppra, because we have never tried it....

well the reason we never tried it is because it doesn't help the spasms...basically wouldn't help in the type of seizures Hudson is having.
Thanks for bringing that up, I am always waiting and praying their will be THE drug out there for Hudson.

Love to you guys....Deb

Team Carter Jay said...

LOVE the video! you better believe your little guy is bustin' a move in his own way. <3 him!

Carole Doty said...

Gavin...Grandma loves to watch you dance, and to hear you sing in your own, precious, sweet way. We love you so much and are Blessed t have you in our family!

Grandma Doty

Missie said...

Gavin is one of the MOST adorable little guys I have ever seen! What a sweet, sweet boy you have there!

You amaze me Alicia! You have such a good and generous heart. Any child that you and your family take in would be blest to have all of you in their corner. I will continue to uplift you all in prayer, especially regarding this desire of your heart, and if it is to come true, I look VERY forward to meeting a new member of your family!

Much love,

Heather said...

The video,wow.. just amazing.

As are you Alicia and I have all the confidence in the world that God will show you the way,just as sweet,sweet Gavin has.

I would love to adopt but.. I am old,really old and well I suppose I will just continue to live vicariously through all of you!Next best thing I suppose!

romanya vizesi said...

your in my prayers

Mandi said...

I somehow happened upon your blog and just watched that sweet movie!
Your little Gavin is darling. I also think of adopting a child with DS someday. I have recently heard of Reeces Rainboe, it is an international Down Syndrome Orphan Ministry. It is absolutely amazing what they do. http://reecesrainbow.blogspot.com/
Good luck to you and your beautiful family.