Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Gavin is having a great day! He is still on the ventilator, but is making his way towards having it removed. It is only set at 12 breaths per minute, down from 20 yesterday, and he is breathing over it(not using it for breaths, just pressure). He may start having practice runs without it tonight or tomorrow. The nurse says she believes it will be Thursday when they remove it now. Good thing I didn't hold my breath! :)

He is also tolerating increased amounts of feedings. He looks good and very peaceful today! Must be partly due to having one of his favorite nurses, Missy, today! She's really nice, informative and cares for him very well!

Please continue to pray that Gavin will be taken off the vent this week and stay free from infections or problems! We are thankful for all your prayers and especially to the Lord who answers them all!

Love ya, Alicia

Gavin says Hi!

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