Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Well, Gavin must like it here. He was down far on his ventilator and they were ready to start practice runs, but he said No Way! He started needing more pressure and oxygen, so the steps forward have turned into steps backwards. They said they'll attempt again tomorrow. Sigh!

Please pray that they will be able to remove the ventilator by Friday, because if they aren't able to they are going to put in another veinous line, called a Pic line. They would have to put him under for this and would do a heart cath as well. One of his doctors thinks it should be done if it looks like he'll be here much longer, because the one he has in now has been in for quite awhile, which could lead to a blood infection and more time here!

They are still impressed that he is doing this well. I knew they thought he would have a rough time after surgery, but after talking to one of his cardiologists today I don't think we realized just how bad they thought he'd be doing. So, we are very thankful that things are going as well as they are.

Thankyou for your continued prayers! Pray for patience for us too! I do have comfort knowing that God has a plan for all of us and He will take care of us whatever that plan may be.

Love, Alicia and Family

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