Sunday, January 21, 2007

Gavin is still doing well, but not as much happening today with him as far as progress. He is up to his feeding goal and has made small steps in getting the ventilator off. It will probably be on Monday they are telling us. They are really taking him slow since he's been on it for so long and they don't want to have to put it back in.

He is starting to run a low-grade fever as well, but this is nothing new with him. But, to make sure it's not the beginning of an infection, they drew some samples of blood, urine and sputum to see if there is any bacteria growing.

He had visits today from Grandma and Grandpa O. and Big Brothers! It's good for him to hear the boys voices, he needs to get used to hearing the "craziness" again! Jacob, Nolan and Caleb were glad to see him!

Thankyou for the wonderful messages. They are very inspirational and mean a lot to us!

Love, Joel, Alicia and Boys

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