Sunday, January 21, 2007

God and Gavin are reminding us that patience is a virtue!(Make that Jacob, Nolan and Caleb too! We forgot what busy fellows they are after a week away from them.) We were getting used to him progressing so fast that it's hard to go back to waiting this weekend. He is still doing great, but moving slowly.

They had to stop his feedings for 24 hours because his belly was full of air and had to be hooked up to suction. He also needed some more blood today because his hematocrit was low. This is normal after surgery. He has gone down a little on the ventilator settings, but slower than expected. Now they are thinking it will be more like Tuesday before the ventilator is taken off.

He is looking really good today though. The nurse said he really seemed to like having his brothers in the room today. All of his vital signs were really good when they were visiting! The power of brotherly love!

We have enjoyed our visit with the boys and grandparents this weekend. We took them to Cabela's yesterday to see the animals. They loved that! They head back home with Joel on Monday, back to work and school!:(

Thanks for the continued prayers on our family's behalf! God continues to bless us with so much!

Love and miss you all,


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