Monday, January 29, 2007

Gavin really must like it here! Today he hasn't had the best day. Poor little guy! He gained a lot of fluid in his lungs and is having a harder time breathing, so they had to up his vent settings and his sedation meds. He had us a little scared this morning. But, he is doing fine now. They have been taking him off his dieuretics, which keeps fluid off him, and then he has these episodes every week. They have decided to keep him on them and hopefully this won't keep happening.

They also did an echocardiogram to see if the leak in his valve has gotten worse. They didn't think it was much different, but are taking the findings to the surgeon to see if further tightening of the valve would be good. So, another surgery may be needed. We'll just have to wait and pray!

So, needless to say it has been a discouraging day, but thankfully our great friend, Nicole/"aunt" Nicole, is here to support me today! I would probably be sobbing on the nurse's shoulders otherwise.

Thanks for your continued prayers and support! We really appreciate you all! We know God will sustain us through this time and that He is using you to help!

Love, Alicia

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