Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Did you miss me yesterday? I missed 'talking' to you and reading your messages. I will make up for not updating you though with this one! It was quite the day yesterday! Gavin wanted to make sure the staff had an opportunity to practice their skills! Practice they got! He started the day off doing very well, but then his oxygen level starting going down, then his blood pressure, then his heart rate! His heart wasn't beating properly and they hooked him up to a pacemaker, gave him heart & blood pressure medicines and increased the vent settings. During this time it looked like the 'typical' scene on T.V. when everyone comes running and shouting orders. Yes, it was scary. It did give me more confidence in the staff. They did a great job: stayed calm, knew what to do, worked well with each other and made sure I was O.K. too!

I was doing fine. God made sure I had the support that I needed. Pastor Freswick had just stopped by, on his way to Canada, within the hour before this all happened! What a gracious God we have! He knew what I would be faced with that day and provided for me during that time! I am continually amazed by our AWESOME GOD! He has supplied our family and Gavin with all that we have needed during this difficult time! I know that we are never truly alone, God is always there, but it sure was nice to have a friend there with me!

Gavin is stable today. They had him 'paralyzed' through the night and on additional medical support, but they are weaning him off as the day goes on. Poor little guy! I hate to see him go through so much! It looks like this might have been caused by a Staph infection in his lungs. They are still looking into what caused it, but this bacteria (Staph) is growing on the culture they took from his lung secretions. So, he has been started on antibiotics for this.

My night brought about more excitement back at the hotel! I was awakened to the fire alarm going off! So, along with everyone else, headed down the stairs to find a water main leak that was flooding the lobby! It set the fire alarm off. They weren't sure if everyone could stay the night because the smoke alarm system might not be working correctly after the water problem. So, we were awake for some time, but OK'd to go back to bed. Whew! What a day! I'm hoping for some boring days after yesterday!

Oh, by the way, I did get to hold Gavin on Sunday! It was wonderful! Hope you all have boring days ahead too! I'm thankful for all of you and especially for God's love! Have a great day!

Love, Alicia

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