Monday, February 5, 2007

Gavin (mostly his valve) is too small to do additional surgery on right now. So, now their plan is to try real hard, but slowly, to get him off the ventilator. They had gone faster in each step before in trying to get it off, which he didn't handle well. We are praying it works this time, or else he will be given a tracheotomy and sent home to grow for another surgery. This sounds very scary to us and everyone, but at least we'd be able to go home. Also, we've been told he would be so much more comfortable and grow faster with this. So, please pray that he can successfully come off the vent this week and have strength to breathe on his own until the next surgery can be done.

Joel and the boys just left this afternoon. We learned that they didn't have school last night and that the roads weren't that great, so I got them for another day! Yea!!! It was good that Joel could be here to talk with a cardiologist today. Usually they don't come around on the weekends and Joel had some questions and was thankful to be able to talk with the doctor.

Still freezing here, but really no snow. I hope it clears up in G.R. soon for the rest of you! Thanks for your prayers! Have a great day!

Love, Alicia

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