Monday, February 19, 2007

Don't you just love little baby feet?! They are my favorite part of a baby! Today I came in to see Gavin and his little piggies, as I call them, were sticking out from under his blanket! I just stared at them and held them for the longest time. It's funny too, they have him sedated enough to stay sleeping mostly, but those feet still find a way to wiggle about! It's good for my soul!

The cardiologist today said there are two main concerns for Gavin. One, that he needs to get fluid off from his lungs and body so that his heart and lungs can work properly. Two, that his heart will be able to beat in a normal rhythm without the pacemaker. It could be a slow recovery, but it's up to his little body. He has been through so much already, so it could take some time yet. Please pray that these issues could be cleared up soon! We can't wait to have him home and be together normally as a family! Plus, it feels like we are missing so much of his life! He will struggle with progressing throughout life since he has Down Syndrome, but having him here for so long is only delaying things we can do to help him develop.

I know once we get him home he will only flourish with all the activity that goes on in our house! He'll have lots of role models (not always good ones ), but he's going to want to keep up I'm sure!

Your messages are true blessings to us! When feeling down, at times, they are very uplifting and inspirational! Thankyou! You are wonderful gifts from God!

Love, Alicia

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