Sunday, February 18, 2007

Gavin is still being kept asleep today. He is hanging in there, but having a few issues. They were able to take out the chest tube that was draining blood and fluids off from his heart area, but then they had to put in a chest tube in his lungs to drain extra fluid that had built up in them. He has been on a pacemaker since surgery, which is common, but when they take him off he is only having a heart rate of 40-50 beats per minute.(normal for a baby should be around 120-140.) One of the doctors today said that 10%-20% have to have a permanent pacemaker put in their heart. The longer someone needs to have it on the more likely he would need one permanetly. There is still time, but it's discouraging hearing this because we don't want to add anymore procedures for Gavin to have to go through and add to our stay! So, please pray that Gavin will be able to get off the pacemaker in the next couple of days and that his heart can recover well from the trauma it endured!

The guys just made it home safely. We had a different kind of weekend 'together', because Caleb wasn't feeling well. Joel or I pretty much stayed with him at the hotel, while the other was at the hospital. So, I'm more sad to see them go since we didn't get to spend much time together. I'm thankful they made it home safely and that they were able to come though!

We continue to feel the love and support that's headed our way! We are very blessed with so many people in our lives that are praying for us daily! We thank you and above all God for this!

Love, Alicia

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