Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Gavin is having an uneventful day today. Which isn't half bad! The down side, he isn't really making any progress. His lungs are looking a little better, but he's still needing the pacemaker for his heart to pump normally. He did have a couple fun things happen today. His nurse moved him into a crib bed, so now he looks more cozy! He also had someone come to play him some music on a harp! It's a service the hospital offers for relaxation an pain management. I think this is part of the reason Gavin is not progressing! He likes it here too much! They take good care of him, it's quiet, it's too cold outside.....I'm trying to talk him into getting better to go home. I told him we'd offer the same services and much more! He's not ready to buy into it yet.

I will be headed home tomorrow arternoon. We have parent-teacher conferences and I need some time home too! I'll probably be home for the weekend. Have a great day!

Love, Alicia

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