Thursday, February 22, 2007

I got kicked out of Gavin's room. They have times during the day that visitors have to leave. Such as, when the nurses give report to each other(privacy issues), when a patient in your same room comes back from surgery(like now) and if a patient is in a crisis(not good).

I was hoping I wouldn't have to leave his room today because I'm planning on heading home at 3 o'clock which is the time of day visitors are asked to step out for nurse report. I should be able to go back in within an hour.

Gavin is doing good and not so good today. He's breathing better! They were able to put him on a different mode of ventilating and wean him down on oxygen levels and the number of breaths the vent is giving him, so that's good! On the not so good side, he is still in heart block and needing the pacemaker and he has been spitting up some of his feedings. They said they wanted to wait to see if his heart function comes back on it's own until Monday, then they would decide whether or not to put in a permanent pacemaker. As for the feeding issue, the are going to give him a less amount of formula , but more often. Hopefully he will tolerate this better.

He is awake alot this morning, even though highly 'sedated'. He looks so cute, looking around and hangin' out! One of the nurses that was helping with him yesterday said that he must be made of steel! She called him Superman because even with all that they have him medicated with, he still finds a way to be awake!

It has been hard lately being patient. I keep thinking that this is never going to end! I have a picture hanging up behind Gavin's bed that says: "Have faith in all things beautiful; the sun when it is hidden, the spring when it is gone." It helps me to think that our 'sun' is just hidden for now, but that it will return again! When I first read this I thought about God being my beautiful thing that the quote talks about. We can't see him, but we have faith that he is there! He may be hidden from our eyes, but He has given us the faith to get through, knowing that He is in control and will always take care of those who love Him! So, knowing this helps when I can't always see that the 'spring' will return again someday! What a blessing!

Love, Alicia

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