Thursday, February 1, 2007

I read something that might interest you. It has only encouraged my bad habits, but made me feel better about them! Joel might not appreciate this info, but...I think he'll still love me!:) Anyway, it said that "super-neat people must constantly work at staying in control, but when you're kind of messy you can deal with things that unexpectantly happen or go wrong more easily." So, Joel, maybe it's good that my side of the room isn't up to par and the kid's papers and mail on the counters (that drive us nuts) are a good thing? You're probably not smiling, but maybe it's helped me to handle this a little bit better. Ultimately, I know it's because of God's grace and the support of so many, but still a thought?!

Gavin is doing well today. No big changes and no info yet about additional surgery. But, he seems comfortable and pain free. Hopefully we'll know more this afternoon. I'll let you know.

Thankyou ALL for so much!!! God bless!

Love, Alicia

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