Wednesday, February 28, 2007

I'm back in Ann Arbor with Gavin. He is having a good day. It was very good to see him again! He looks a little bigger and maybe even cuter! His infection is gone and he isn't running a fever anymore. He still needs the pacemaker, so they've decided since the infection is cleared up, they are going to do the surgery tomorrow afternoon to put in the permanent pacemaker. This is another open chest surgery, but not open heart. After he recovers from this surgery they are going to give him a few more days to get off the ventilator and if this fails they are going to go ahead with the trach. They are pretty sure that this will be the case. The leak in his valve is a little bit worse and his lungs just can't handle it with the increased pressures, fluid and scarring that has occured from this and illness. This does not sound good, but it will get him home to grow for valve replacement surgery and it will be a better life for him. He won't be sedated, he'll be able to be held, be more comfortable, be able to move around, learn to eat by mouth again, etc. The system he would be sent home on is very small, they say the size of a laptop, and not as scary and as much upkeep as the one they use here. So, though not what we wanted, it does have benefits.

We will be O.K. with this. God will make sure of that. He has a reason for all of this. We sure are learning a lot, if nothing else! A doctor today said that we will know more than many doctors, concerning the trach and vent! So, there's something! It's always great to learn! But, really, God has already shown us reasons for going through all of this. There are so many positives, you just have to look for them! I, for one, am thankful for this opportunity in many ways. I'm not going to lie, of course I'd have things much different, but I am glad that I can see the positives still and have learned so much from this. God is Good!

Have a great day! We appreciate all of you! Your thoughts, prayers, notes, gifts, meals and time are huge blessings!!! We can't thank you enough!

Love, Alicia

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