Monday, March 26, 2007

Gavin and I had a great evening yesterday! He was very content and made some progress. The nurse he had last night thought we should try out the bottle again. It had been three months since he'd drank from a bottle! I have been worried that he wouldn't be able to figure it out again because he wouldn't suck on a pacifier when I tried and he wasn't the best at sucking to begin with. But I tried it and he did quite well! At first he kept pushing it out of his mouth, then I squeezed his cheeks together, like we used to do to help him get good suction, and he took right to it! He wasn't sure what to do with the liquid going in at first, but he figured that out too! This is a huge relief to me! Then, maybe, we won't have to feed him by the NG tube at home so much. What a blessing!

Gavin also is listening to his P.T. and O.T., because they said they really wanted to see him lifting his legs up to grab like babies do, and last night he started the lifting part and this morning was trying to grab them! Oh, how thankful you can be for the little, normal things! Once again, Momma's real proud! Daddy too!

Gavin still is needing a lot of dieuretics to keep fluid off his lungs, so this is my prayer request for the day. He will need them at home, but we need to get down on them and have them all be given by mouth before we can leave. Right now he is still getting some of them by I.V. because they work better and faster this way. So, please pray that he can tolerate the change to oral doses and that he continues to make progress! Thankyou!

Michal is doing good, but still having some withdrawl and lung issues. He has been vomiting and his lung doesn't stay inflated all the way. They were talking about being able to leave in a couple of days, but now they aren't sure. Please continue to pray for him and his family!

I continue to be amazed at God's grace and am very thankful for this! I read today from 2 Corinthians 12:9. It says: "My grace is sufficient for you, for My strength is made perfect in weakness." I know that it is God's grace and strength that Gavin is receiving to make the progress he is making. I am so thankful for this knowledge and blessing! I pray that whatever you are going through, that you can feel it too! What a relief!

Hope you can enjoy the beautiful weather(that is here at least)and that you have a great day! Oh, by the way, Gavin must have heard me complaining about him not sleeping much because he slept all night except for about half an hour! Yea! I hope he keeps it up!

Love, Alicia

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