Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Gavin looks so cute today! I brought some onsies from home thinking he might tolerate them better than the 'girlie' gowns they have here, and I put him in one today. He looks good in clothes! He is also tolerating them! Everyone keeps saying, "Wow! He looks real good today!" I think it's because he looks so cute in his blue and white striped onsie! He's still doing quite well with feedings and seems to really like it! Most of the formula still goes down the NG tube, but they are impressed that after three months he's able to take as much as he does. He's doing well tolerating med decreases and doesn't seem to be having any withdrawl symptoms! So, pretty much all good news with Gavin! But, keep up the prayers! Thanks!

Speaking of prayers, I have some more to add to your list. Yesterday was a sad and stressful day around here. One of Gavin's neighbors in his room isn't doing well. He was born with a disease that most kids don't live past 4 to 5 years of age. He is now 9 years old. His mom takes such good care of him! Only about 3% of his brain is now functioning and he's semi-comatose. I think he's lived this long because he is so loved by his mom and well taken care of, not to mention the power of God! Anyway, his family was told that he probably only has 2 weeks to live. I feel so bad for them! His mom seems to have a strong faith in God and is coping very well, though very sad. She doesn't have support of her husband and, in fact, he told her he planned on leaving her because she doesn't have enough time for him because she's always taking care of Cody. Please pray for her and Cody! I've been trying to support her and she does have great support from her church family! They have been told that Cody was close to dying before and he's pulled through by the grace of God, so she continues to have faith and isn't giving up on Cody yet despite the fact that the doctors want to stop feeding him and just let him die! Her pastor came in last night to talk to the doctor and told him that they wouldn't accept that and now they are feeding him again. So, Big prayers for Cody today! Also, a boy passed away during the night after coding yesterday evening. It is very sad around here! So, pray for that boy's family too!

I'm coming home tonight for Caleb's 4th birthday tomorrow! I can't believe that he's that old! But, it's a good thing because our boys start to be easier around age 4. They go through the terrible twos and then the tyranical threes!(that's what Joel calls them.)

Have a great day! Thankyou for the prayers! God is so good!

Love, Alicia

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