Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Gavin continues to do well! He seems to be more comfortable and having less withdrawl symptoms than he had been having. He does have more fluid on his lungs today, but they are going to give him more diuretic medication today and that should help. We also have been pounding on his back and chest with a little suction cup tool that helps move the secretions in his lungs, then he can cough them out. They call it "beating" him sometimes. I do it a lot to him because I want to keep his lungs clear, plus he actually seems to like it! When he starts to fuss this usually settles him down.

He continues to move around a lot! He gets his arms and legs going like crazy! Joel reminded me this weekend about how the other boys were when they were babies. Jacob always was moving his arms up and down like he was throwing a ball. We actually would put a little ball in his hand and he would throw it to us at a very young age! Nolan pretty much just sat there content until he was a year of age. He was so quiet and good. We always knew that where we put him he would still be there when we returned. Caleb was the kicker and jumper. He always had his legs and feet moving and was jumping as soon as he could walk. Now, Gavin.....he does it all! He's got his arms, legs, and even tongue going most of the time he's awake! He tires us out just watching him! But, it sure is good to see him active and fighting!

Gavin's nurse practitioner said they don't know how much longer Gavin will be here. It's up to him! Well, I know it's up to God! But, she said they are hoping by April, so we still have a way to go. Please pray for Gavin's continued progress, that he doesn't have any setbacks, that his lungs stay clear, for our family's patience and that he can be out of here by April! Thankyou for keeping Gavin in your prayers and for all your support! God has blessed us with so much!

Love, Alicia

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