Thursday, March 15, 2007

Gavin is 6 months old today! He's also a little fussy today. He still has too much fluid on his lungs. But, other than that, he is doing well. He got his arterial I.V. line out today, so he continues to get lighter and easier to hold. Yea! We are getting used to our new 'home' and have had some really good nurses the last two days.

Michal is still in I.C.U., but only because there isn't a bed available for him in moderate care. He did give them a scare last night. His mom got a call saying they might have to put the ventilator back in. He had a few bad blood gases. He pulled through though. They think it was a reaction to a medicine. So, we are thankful he's doing well today!

I read in my daily inspirational book today about how God has shaped us according to our purpose in life. How even our little quirks have a reason. So, though annoying at times, I guess we should be thankful for them! He gives us all different skills and personalities to benefit in some way. We are all needed and God has given us what we need to meet His purpose. I started thinking about how I went to nursing school, but haven't used these skills for quite awhile. Of course, being a mom you use them often and I feel this is the best 'job' to have! Anyway, I have met at least 5 other parents here that are nurses as well. So, I believe God gave us these skills for the purpose of being able to care for our kids with serious illness. By the way, Michal's mom is a nurse. He has given us all a purpose and though we may not feel like we are making a difference, He has a plan for all of us! Boy! I'm glad I'm not in charge of all these decisions. I have a hard enough time deciding what to make for dinner!

Hope you have a great day! Remember God is using you for His purpose and look to Him in all your decisions! Thanks for your prayers!

The Little Vinster says Hi!

Love, Alicia

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