Saturday, March 17, 2007

Gavin is a little better today, but not much. They gave him back more of his medicine and are going to take it slower this time. Just what we wanted to hear, slower?.....It feels like we've been here forever already! But, I hate to see Gavin suffer, so whatever it takes! This is much harder on us and maybe him than being on the ventilator for so long. At least he seemed comfortable then. We know there is a reason for this and this gives us strength, but he's been through so much already! Please continue to pray for him and us!

Michal has moved to the floor, so he's passed Gavin by and is doing quite well. He's having some feeding issues and spitting up a lot! So, he continues to need your prayers too. We are thankful that he is progressing this far though.

The guys made it here safely. They are enjoying some activities that the child life center is putting on for the patients and their families today.

Have a great day! Thanks for your prayers!

Love, Alicia

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