Sunday, March 18, 2007

Joel and I are calling Gavin a baby grizzly bear today. He sounds like he is growling when he starts to get upset. I must say, it sounds quite cute! Of course, it means he's starting to get mad, but cute all the same! He is having a much better day today! He also slept most of the night! What an answer to prayer!!! I was beginning to really worry about the little guy! He is still showing us that he is uncomfortable at times, but it's definately improved. We are so thankful to God for this break for Gavin and us!

We have been going to the chapel here at the hospital for services on Sundays. We heard a sermon on God being at work during illness. I thought this was neat since I had just wrote about this a couple updates ago. Joel and I were talking last night about how we know there is a reason for this and that there are lessons to be learned from this, but that we were beginning to wonder when the lessons would be through! I know!...In God's timing, but I have to say we are getting a little impatient. It is just so hard being here all the time and not knowing when 'life' can 'begin' again. The boys seem to be getting anxious and having issues as well. Please be in prayer for them and us! We continue to trust in His plan and know that He will give us strength to get through. We are thankful for this knowledge and thankful for your prayers!

Love, Alicia

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