Saturday, March 10, 2007

Gavin is still off the vent!!! He is having good blood gases and good oxygen saturations. He has developed a fever and seems to be going through withdrawl from taking him down on sedation and pain medicine. Some signs he is showing is not sleeping and moving around a lot! He has hardly slept in the last 24 hours! It's kind of hard watching him at times because he looks tired, but not able to fall asleep. Most of the time he is just awake and happy though. He even was smiling yesterday evening! That was very good to see! The nurse has him sitting up in a red foam chair now. He looks so cute sitting up and kicking his feet and moving his hands all around! We are so thankful for this!!!

Joel and the boys and Grandma & Grandpa O. are here too! Everyone can't believe how good and different he looks! G&G and the boys are going back tonight. Joel will return tomorrow.

Little Michal continues to make small progress with his lung. So, hopefully surgery won't be necessary. God is Good!

We hope you have a great day! We appreciate your continued prayers! We think of you all often too!

Love, Alicia

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