Friday, March 9, 2007

Thank God from whom all blessings flow indeed!!! Gavin is still doing great! No major changes today, but still improving. They plan on keeping him in ICU through the weekend. They want to make sure he's doing well before heading to moderate care. Please keep praying that his lungs stay clear and free from infection! So far so good, but he holds on to fluid easily and it seems to go straight to his lungs, which could set him back again.

Michal has made progress today too! His lung that was collapsed has reinflated and they may not have to do surgery if the diaphragm isn't too far up into the lung. As long as his lung stays inflated he will be fine. I'm so happy to hear this! So is his mom! I told her I was still praying for him and that there were many friends of ours praying too. She is thankful for this! She and I were talking about what a relief it is that we don't have to remember every little detail in our prayers to God! Our brains become a little foggy here, but we know that God knows the details and fills in the blanks for us. She said what a blessing that we don't have to rely on our weak bodies and brains, because surely we'd fail! How true this is!

Thankyou for your prayers and support! Hope you have a wonderful weekend! It sounds like it will be a warmer one! Yea!!

Love, Alicia

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