Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Praise the Lord!!! Gavin continues to improve! His nurse, Missy, called me about an hour ago and said that they were able to take him off the CPAP machine. This is what they put him on after coming off the ventilator. It's a high pressure oxygen that goes through the nose. It looks, to me, like a cross between a snorkel and a elephant's trunk. No, he didn't seem to care for it! Anyway, now he is just on regular oxygen through a nasal canula. This is wonderful! Please pray that his blood gases continue to be good and that he can handle the change!

He did begin running another fever last night and his lungs are a little guncky, but other than that he is doing great! They said he likes laying on his tummy and seems to be really comfortable. Laying on his stomach is good for him because his heart is enlarged which presses on his lungs making it harder to breathe.

So, good news for now! Thanks for the prayers! I'm probably heading back tomorrow morning instead of tonight. Joel came down with the stomach flu or food poisoning. We went out to eat for Jacob's birthday last night and he thinks it's from what he ate. So, I'm going to stick around for him and the boys.

Love, Alicia

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