Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Gavin is still off the ventilator this morning!!! We are so happy and thankful!! It was touch and go yesterday evening. He started to have poor blood gases and the doctor said if the next one isn't improved we will probably have to put the tube back in. Needless to say, it was an emotionally exhausting day! First there was rejoicing that the tube was finally out, then anxiousness wondering if he would be able to handle it, then sadness when we were told that they might have to put it back in. Finally, elation and thanksgiving when his blood gases started turning around and the doctor said he might have a shot at it. So, for now things are looking good! The Little Vinster is showing them that he has it in him! Of course, we know it's a gift from God!

Please keep praying that Gavin continues to do well off the vent and continue to pray for his roomate Michael! He is still off the vent too, but one of his lungs is collapsing. So, he needs lots of prayers today! His mom was so supportive to me yesterday! She cried more for Gavin than I did! She cried when he got off the vent and when they said they were thinking of putting him back on. When she heard that she came over to hug me and pray for Gavin with me. By then we were both crying! After we prayed together is when Gavin's gas came back looking better and we were told he might be O.K. Then she started crying again and had to leave the room. Then I was crying again! I was so touched by her and thankful for her support! Most importantly, I was praising God for this moment! I just kept saying to myself all day: Thankyou Lord! What a blessing!!!

Today is Jacob's birthday and I'm glad to be home for it! I can't believe he's eleven! Wow! I will be calling a lot to check on Gavin. They will probably be tired of me by the time I return!

Thankyou for your prayers and support! I hope you all are doing well too! Also, please pray for my sister's friend! Her husband passed away very unexpectantly on Sunday. It will be a very hard time for her and my sister! Thankyou!

Love, Alicia

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