Saturday, April 21, 2007

Gavin is back on the vent. It is actually a relief in a way. The last 2 days have been hard watching him suffer and now he's breathing well, resting and peaceful. It is still hard to see though.

They are running numerous tests and are doing a spinal tap on him now. They've received some results, which show everything to be normal so far. So, now we wait and PRAY!

While waiting in the family room while they intubated him again, I was obviously feeling worried about Gavin. Then I overheard a family talking. They were having to make the decision to "let their girl go" today because she was brain dead. What a perspective I got! Here I was upset about Gavin and they were having to say goodbye to their loved one! I broke down then and offered to pray for them. It is so hard seeing the suffering that goes on in hospitals. One thing that keeps me going is something that our Pastor said a few months ago to me. He said that he didn't like it when people talked about the quality of life of one person. Like, when people say they wish their loved one could die because their quality of life is so poor. You might say this about Gavin, but our Pastor said we had to look at the quality of life of the whole community. God is using Gavin's quality of life to better the quality of life for so many. He has a purpose in Gavin and it will be fulfilled! So, though it is hard to see Gavin go through so much in his life, I know that the quality of life for others is improving with God's plan! I am thinking about this a lot today and it is a comfort for me!

Keep Praying! We're thankful!

Love, Alicia

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