Sunday, April 22, 2007

Last night brought more excitement. (If you want to call it that!) After I picked up the boys from Grandma and Grandpa's house, on the way home, Caleb vomitted all over himself, his carseat and the van! I felt so bad for him, but found this to be 'the last straw!' After getting the boys to bed and while cleaning up the mess, I decided something. I know that God doesn't give us more than we can handle, but I was thinking that He had a little too much faith in my abilities and strength! Everything was really beginning to wear on me! This morning I'm feeling much better again. It might have been that I had only gotten 5-6 hours of sleep in the last 60 hours! Despite Caleb getting sick a couple more times in the night, we were able to sleep fairly well and this has helped my overall outlook! Caleb is feeling much better, but still not himself.

Gavin had a fair night. They were able to come down on the vent a little, but they are keeping the rate somewhat high to help his heart and body rest from all the stress it had to go through. We are still waiting on cultures to grow to see if there is any known infecton. They did find some bacteria in his stool and he is on a couple of broad antibiotics to treat whatever else he might have. I feel that his being so dehydrated had the biggest effect on him being back on the vent. The I.C.U. nurses and docs couldn't believe how dry he was and that he had only been on a very small amount of extra fluids while on 'the floor.' Please pray for my patience and Gavin's health! Thankyou!

I continue to trust that God has Gavin and us in his hands and that we will get through with His strength and grace.

Love, Alicia

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