Saturday, April 14, 2007

Gavin is probably feeling the best he has felt in four months! He looks the best he has in a long time too! He has been giving out lots of smiles and seems very content! What a blessing! They are still playing around with his cardiac meds, trying to get the leak in his mitral valve managed as good as they can until surgery can be done. He has a lot of growing to do before the smallest valve they make fits into his heart. We don't know when this will be, but they hope that Gavin can do well, thrive and hold out until then.

Yesterday one of his cardiologists said that Gavin was still very fragile and that he is on industrial strength medication to keep his body running as it should. They seem quite concerned and say that a bad cold or pneumonia could put him over the edge. It will be up to Gavin on how well he does. The tone we hear from medical staff here is so different from what we heard in Ann Arbor. There they were excited and hopeful about Gavin's progress, but here they just seem worried. The cardiologist said it's all relative. They just didn't see Gavin at his sickest and how far he's come, so maybe that's why. We know that Gavin's a fighter and we especially know that Gavin is in God's hands. He has given Gavin to us and He could take him from us, but we trust that God will give us the strength whatever His decision is. We will continue to put our faith in Him and fight with Gavin as long as we are blessed to have him in our lives! I always have been so fearful of giving up our children to God. But through this experience I have been given a far greater faith than I could ever have imagined! I now say thankyou God for the blessng of our children and give them back to God knowing that they are His and that He loves them more than we ever could and will get us through whatever His plan is for them and us. This is such a relief! Of course, we still worry, but feel more at peace than we ever have!

Please continue to pray for Gavin and his long road ahead! Thankyou!

Love, Alicia

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