Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Gavin seemed to adjust to his new 'home' nicely yesterday. He was a little fussy, but no more than normal. They decided to make some major changes with his meds. So far he is tolerating the changes. They seem to be a lot more aggressive at this hospital. They may regret this, knowing Gavin's record. But, maybe it will make it easier on Gavin too! Please pray that the changes they make are good ones and that Gavin tolerates everything. Gavin decided to make them work and prove themselves right of the bat! He decided he'd had enough with his PICC line, and got it to leak (blood at that!) So, they had to pull that out and start a regular I.V. in his foot. They taped and wrapped it up real good hoping it will last until he no longer needs meds by I.V. So now his leg looks injured or broken. We decided to tell the boys that he injured it while parachuting out of the helicopter. "What?! He parachuted out of the helicopter?!" But, then Jake being smart enough said "He did not!" So, it's good to be back! But, VERY BUSY!

My way back to G.R. yesterday was an emotional one! I cried half the way home. I cried about leaving some wonderful and caring people that we got close to while there. I cried about the uncertainty that we were moving towards. I cried for sweet Cody's mom who has suffered such a loss! I cried for the patients that we left behind, like the sweet boy that Gavin roomed with the last week who was so polite and always said "thankyou ma'am" and cried when his mom would go away, and reminded me of Jacob a little. I cried because I'm not always good with change. Oh. and I cried when a kind person let me cut in front of her on the expressway, because people can be so kind! Yes, I was a wreck. I'm sure Joel is glad that I got it out of my system before I got home! One thing that I know for sure is that this experience has changed me forever! I will never forget the wonderful Grace of God, the amazing courage of children and their families and how kind and generous people can be! So, though a very trying time, I am thankful for it!

Have a wonderful day! Continue o keep Gavin and the other courageous children in your prayers! Thankyou!

Love, Alicia

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