Thursday, April 12, 2007

Well, Gavin turned the corner and was very comfortable and happy yesterday! Yay! Maybe they know what the are doing here after all. Although, I'm still questioning some changes that they've made. They took him off a couple of dieuretics and he's not peeing much. This is bad because all the fluid goes right to his lungs in him! Gavin isn't the simple type! Please pray for their knowledge and for my having patience and that Gavin handles things well while things are figured out. All he needs is another set back!

Caleb has been going to the hospital with me this week during the day and has been very good and helpful. Yesterday he had Gavin smiling and very interested in him! It's so good to see this! Caleb also helped when Gavin's machines started beeping. He opened the door into the hall and asked a nurse "Can you come stop this beeping noise. It's annoying!"

It is so good to be home! Last night Joel spent the evening at the hospital with Gavin. So, I was able to spend time with the boys. It was fun, but they were being really naughty and disrespectful at one point. So, I punished them and guess what Jacob and Nolan said in unison? "Thankyou mom!" I said "For what?" Jacob said "For punishing us, it's good for us." Nolan said "Yeah, it means you love us!" I was shocked! Crazy kids! But, obviously very smart! I figured that they wouldn't appreciate having mean old mom home, because this means the 'vacation' is over. Joel is a wonderful father, but he can be a softie when it comes to demanding respect. I guess I was wrong and the boys are happy to have me back anyway!

Have a great day! Thanks for your continued prayers! God has blessed us with you!

Love, Alicia

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