Friday, May 4, 2007

Gavin continues to do well. He no longer has any I.V.'s, just the feeding tube through his nose. Hopefully that will be out in a week or so after the G-tube surgery is done. He hasn't been having anymore seizures, but is still on the anti-seizure medicine. He is off all of the sedative medications and having no withdrawl symptoms. In fact, he is so content that I'm worried about him. Poor kid, it's so hard to please everyone! Everyday the nurse writes a goal for the day on a board in his room. Yesterday she asked me what I wanted his goal to be. I told her to write down cry! I guess he's just glad to be feeling better and to have that tube out of his throat that he has nothing to complain about!

I'm headed to southern Indiana this evening for my Grandma's funeral. Please pray for safe traveling and that Gavin, Joel and the boys have a good weekend. I sure will miss them!

Have a great weekend! Thanks for your support and prayers!

Love, Alicia and Family

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Anonymous said...

Hey Alic,
I'm so sorry to hear of Gramma Doty's passing!! We will pray 'extra' hard for all you guys and especially your dad and his siblings!! I pray you have a safe trip down and back!!
I'm soooo thankful that Gavin is doing better too!!! I absolutely LOVE that pic of him on's definately a fav! I just wanna squeeze him! Luckily, as it sounds, lots of others do too!!
Love you!
nicole and family!