Monday, May 7, 2007

Gavin looks even better than he did when I left on Friday! He is more interactive and is starting to try to 'talk' to us again. He's back to sleeping through the night. (Whew!) I was worried about his night and day mixed up schedule! He even cried this morning with his bath! Now I won't have to worry about him not crying! One of the nurse techs bought a baby bathtub this weekend for the unit. They used to have one, but it disappeared. Anyway, she had been wanting to give Gavin a tub bath, so she bought a tub! Isn't that sweet?! They are so good to him and us in the I.C.U.

They are discussing when he should have the feeding tube surgery. It should be able to be done this week. Then, if he's still doing well, we'll be headed home!!! They predict a 5-7 day recovery after the surgery. With Gavin that might not be accurate! We've learned that with him, he's on his own schedule! :)

It's great to be home, but hard to leave a lot of family back in Indiana too. It was nice seeing everyone even under the circumstances. G. Doty will be missed! We had a great time remembering her this weekend!

Thankyou for your continued prayers and support! God is Good!

Love, Alicia



Annette Gysen said...

Glad to hear he's still making progress--and yay for crying! Hope he has fun in the tub.

Michelle Hilton said...

Great news!! So glad to hear Gavin is doing so good. All the little chats you have been having with him must finally be sinking in. We pray for continued strength for him so he can have the feeding tube put in and then come home. Oh the wonderful sound of a baby crying!!! Hopefully he liked the tub. We also pray for continued patience for you and your family. Love the Hilton's

Inspired said...

Glad you enjoyed time with your family in Indiana even under the unfortunate circumstances.
What a great Mother's Day present if Gavin gets to come home in the next week or so (or whenever he's good and ready).
Sending lots of love, hugs & kisses.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the instructions. I tried again last night to send a message but it didn't work. Just wanted to say that the nurses are doing a wonderful job taking care of little Gavin. When I got there after work, Robin was holding him and talking to him. He was trying very hard to coo and "talk" to her. It was wonderful to see how improved his eye contact is. G&G Pylman were also pleased on Sunday when we brought them up there. He is so pudgy - they thought he would be a thin little boy. Praying he can get the g-tube put in soon and come home. Love, Grandma O