Tuesday, May 8, 2007

How to make comments on this site

Since several people mentioned having a difficult time commenting on this new site, I thought I'd explain how you can easily post a comment that will show your name without having to sign-up to have your own account.

1.) Click on the (x) comments line that can be found at the end of the post you would like to comment on.

2.) If a pop-up box comes up asking you if you'd like to display non-secure items, click yes or no (it doesn't really matter which).

3.) Type your message into the comment box

4.) Below the comment box, select "other", which will instantly pop open a section for you to put in your name and website. If you don't have a web address of your own, that's ok!, you can just leave that blank.

5.) Click on the orange "Publish your Comment" button at the bottom, and your comment will now appear below the others.

Hope this helps! Looking forward to reading your comments! :)

Love, Alicia and Family


Anonymous said...

Dear Alicia,

I got a forward from Marilyn Miller about your difficulty at this time with the way strangers view Gavin. You need a little encouragement from someone who has a disabled child.

Our son will be 40 years old this month, so we have had a lifetime of dealing with many difficult times. Brian is not a Down's child, his disabliity came from his birth and lack of oxygen. He is mentally slow and has some cerebral palsy.

You need to realize how special you are to God. He has chosen you to be the parents of this wonderful child. This is an awesome task, but believe me; it is so rewarding. Give him all the love you have in you, and every opportunity to learn and grow. It is amazing what your family and God can do with Gavin. He wasn't a mistake. He was created by God to touch people's lives in a wonderful way, and so were you. Yes, people will stare and say unkind things. They still do that to us. Don't grow a hard shell, be proud of your son, smile to strangers and say you are thankful that he is yours. When I pray I thank God that He gave us Brian. I wouldn't want anyone else to care for him. Having a special child will bring you closer to God, because you will always need His help - that is another blessing about having Gavin. When he was 5 years old a psychiatrist told us to put him in a home and forget about him, because he would amount to nothing. That tore our hearts apart. We never considered that for a minute. We loved him and worked with him, and now when he is tested, the Drs. can't believe how close to normal he has become. If put in a home, he would have disintegrated into a vegetable. There is so much more I could say, but I won't continue now. If you want to write to me, this is my email address: bfacko@verizon.net. We live in Winter Haven, Florida.

I have prayed for Gavin and will continue prayers for all of you. Just remember how much God LOVES you, and He will be with you every step of the way.

Anonymous said...

Ooops, Alicia, I forgot to tell you my name. It is Joyce Facko.

Anonymous said...

hi alicia and family ,ican remember feeling just as you do and sometimes i still feel this way ,read psalm73 i recently came across this and was reminded of Gods love ,isn't he so awesome,i love how his word can express how we are feeling at times and then turn a round and inspire us by reminding us of his love ..i guess it been a while since i commented or realy visited ,i can hardly believe gavin is 4 already .wow where does the time go .iam so happy that you are inspired everyday in some way .i hope you find the psalm 73 inspiring .please keep lynsy in your prayers as we just found out she has the hip transplant there is a recall on ,we have been concerned about as lynsy is smiling less and less as time goes by .it is hard to see.thank God for the good days when she give us a smile and the amazing fact that she is now eating orally agin and has also began drinking orally to ,miricals for sure .thanks for all your work you put into this blog you are truly helping millions thanks again kathy at kathair63@aol.com