Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Gavin's appointment yesterday went well. The surgery is still planned for next week Tuesday(12th). I am VERY glad that he doesn't have to wait longer than that! It can't come soon enough! It should really make a difference in his life. He shouldn't be in pain with the severe reflux that he is having and no more wreching and spitting up. Plus, that uncomfortable tube that's been in his nose and throat for so long will be GONE! No more gagging on it! We can't wait! Of course, there are always chances for it not to work as it should, but we have great hope that it will.

My posting yesterday about our CRAZY boys brought about many offers of help. I really appreciate the offers and may take you up on them. They really are great boys, but have a talent for getting themselves into trouble when all together! It is harder to handle when so much is going on with Gavin. It takes so much of my time and, more importantly, my emotional energy. I just feel so bad for him and it makes my whole outlook on everything unbearable at times. Anyway, I really am glad to have the boys home for the summer. They definately bring about a lot of laughter and fun too. Although, I've threatened boot camp if they don't behave!

Thanks for your support and prayers! God has blessed us with so much!

Love, Alicia and Family


Amy said...

So glad the surgery is on as planned, and the outlook is good. YAY!

You know Mark and I would LOVE to have the older boys to our house for a weekend or even a night, so please let us know! We have lots of room for them to run, so we'll send 'em back nice and tired. ;o)

I love you! Hugs to Gavin and the rest of your beautiful (and funny) family,

(Aunt) Amy

Melissa said...

Can I come help? WE ARE on our way back to Michigan!!! Hopefully by July and when I get there I want to see you all and scoop Gavin up and give him a big kiss!

Hang in there - all you have to do is get through just one day at a time. Remember God promises to give you only enough of what you need for the day, but I have learned there will be more tommorrow and your faith is great!

This is how I get through my days by constantly reminding myself that HE is constant and I don't alway have to be strong.

Don't forget to let OTHERS help you especially with the boys (I know its hard) but when you don't you hinder others from serving Christ. Thats why the offers come because God is taking care of YOU and your family. Trust me I know its hard to do - we now have a CNA 4 days a week and I still am wrestling with this. So what I am saying is also for me as well.

Sending Love,

Melissa Hamilton