Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Gavin and I are worn out! We haven't been getting much sleep or rest. The poor little guy is really suffering from reflux right now. He doesn't seem to be in any pain from the recent surgery, but since the surgery he has been gagging and spitting up a lot. He tries to sleep, but then cries and acts like he's going to throw up. It seems to really hurt him. I am concerned that when he spits up it will be aspirated into his lungs, which with Gavin especially is not good. He already always has extra fluid in his lungs and more could cause infection, pnuemonia or more congestive heart failure. I hate seeing him continue to suffer! It is definately wearing on me! I keep wondering why this suffering has to keep going on for him! Please pray for him and me!

We have an appointment with the surgeon who is going to do the stomach wrap and G- tube today. I pray that it can be done soon. This surgery should help prevent a lot of this. Right now the date is set for June 12, but this could be changed because the surgeon already has two cases and may feel that is enough to do in one day. Please pray that it can be done soon and that it goes well!

You could also add some prayers in there about my summer home with the boys! I'm already going out of my mind! I've decided that boys are crazy and disgusting! The things they come up with and find funny is beyond my comprehension! I won't share any stories because I'd only be embarrassed, but I assure you that I could use your prayers in understanding them and dealing with them all home together EVERY day! I'm sure it will get better once we all get used to it again and when things settle down some with Gavin, but in the mean time.....

Thanks for your continued prayers and interest for our family! I'm sure you're very interested now that I've got you wondering about what those boys are up to, but for now I'm not sharing! Maybe some day when I am able to laugh about it!

Also, please be in prayer for families and staff of the crash victims from the U of M hospital. I just learned that one of their Survival Flight planes crashed and 6 have died. Gavin rode with them twice on a helicopter.(Not the same people on board, but part of their staff.) The service they do daily for patients is amazing! I know they will be greatly missed!

Love, Alicia and Family


Amy said...

Haha! I'm trying not to laugh here, but as you were explaining about how the boys are disgusting and you can't understand how they think like they do, I just envisioned you with huge eyes and that "What in the WORLD?!" look on your face that you get. Hee hee! Thanks for the laugh! I can only imagine what comes out of their mouths, and while I wish I could tell you it will end, I still think that way about many ADULT men, so... ;o)

As for Gavin's situation, I will continue to pray that they are able to do something for him. I wish I could give you some of MY sleep! You poor thing. :o( Also, I'm very sad to hear about the Survival Flight crash. How terrible! I know their services can be priceless (and um, very expensive, but we won't get into that...), and it's so sad that they have lost valuable lives.

Try to sneak in some naps, and call if you need anything! I'm not doing anything tomorrow after work, so maybe I could come watch the boys so you can get a long nap? Let me know!

xoxo (Aunt) Amy

Anonymous said...

Alicia, I wish there where something we could do to help you out. It must be so draining on you. That poor little guy has gone thru too much. We pray that the surgery can be done and maybe they can get it done earlier. Would'nt that be nice. We will continue to keep you in our prayers. And we pray that Gavin will be able to feel better soon.

Us moms needs to pray for each other. I know how you are feeling with having the kids home for the summer. And let me tell you it is NOT just boys that do gross things. Yesterday my girls took my good kitchen knives and where cutting up worms and watching them wiggle. The front of the worm went in one bucket the back in another. THEN another 2 buckets, one with the parts (legs etc.) of flys and the other with the body. No they have no plans to go fishing they just felt like doing it. UGH!!! What are they thinking. I just needed to tell you it is not just boys. So next time we invite you over, don't use the knives!!

You are always in our thoughts and prayers. Let me know if you want me to come pick the boys up and they can come over and swim in the pool. Love The Hilton's

Anonymous said...

My heart goes out to you...

Love, Antje

Inspired said...

You poor sweet girl! Hang in there with those boys. The saying "boys will be boys" isn't very helpful. I can't even imagine what you are dealing with. Please call if you need anythuing. Rena always loves playmates if you want to send them off to Lansing for a few days.
It breaks my heart that Gavin continues to suffer. I wish he could find some comfort and be a little boy - not like your others though : ) He is always in our thoughts and prayers as are you.
Sending lots of love and hugs!!!

Anonymous said...

When my son was born, I thought, "I don't know anything about boys. How am I going to teach someone to pee standing up?". Now he is 12, still prefers to pee outside...and it amazing, just like your boys.

You know we are all eager to hear what gross and disgusting thing they did. Glad to hear you can still laugh about it.

We continue to pray for your amazing son....and you!

Helen Lehman