Saturday, June 2, 2007

Poor Gavin had a lousy night! He was in a lot of pain it seemed. What seemed to bother him the most was throwing up several times. He has a feeding tube that goes past his stomach, so there isn't much to come up, thankfully! This assures that he will stay hydrated, but he still felt rotten! This morning I brought him to the hospital to make sure nothing serious was going on. Everything checked out good. They just had us stop giving him the Tylenol with Codiene. This might have been making him get sick. So far it is working. He is still quite gaggy, but not throwing up and he seems a little more comfortable. Continue to pray that he feels better and that no complications arise. Thanks!

Love, Alicia and Family


Anonymous said...

Poor little guy!! We will continue to keep him in our prayers. We pray that he will feel better soon. We pray for the family as well. It must be very hard to see him go through so much and not be able to help or take the pain away. Love The Hilton's

Anonymous said...

Alicia - Edith Adams will be bringing your Tuesday meal this week. I think she will contact you regarding your preferred time, but I did let her know that we were working around the 5:30 - 6 PM time. Will continue our prayers as always. Carol Brink

Amy said...

Poor baby! :o( I hope Gavin is doing better today, and had a complication-free rest of the weekend. Tylenol with Codiene makes me do the same thing, so it didn't surprise me to read they thought that might be the cause.

Call if you need anything!

Love and Prayers,

(Aunt) Amy