Saturday, August 9, 2008


Lastnight I had a most wonderful dream and wanted to share it and write it down so that I wouldn't forget it. During the dream one of the ladies that I have so fortunately got to know through blogging called and said that she wanted to come for a visit. After she arrived, one by one, more wonderful people that I've gotten to know through their blogs started to arrive. It was crazy, wonderful and exciting! During all the excitement I looked over at Gavin and saw that he was sitting up on his own! Next thing I knew he was crawling around, climbing up stairs and eating grapes! (I don't know why grapes, but that's what he was eating!) I was SO excited!!! I couldn't believe my eyes! The dream continued on and left me feeling really great! I woke up with such a renewed and happy feeling! Oh, to live in dreamland.........! The awesome thing is that I know that this could happen one day if it's part of God's plan! Hope in the Lord, what a wonderful thing!

Another awesome thing struck our family lastnight! We were watching the opening ceremonies of the Olympics and we were discussing the fact that the date was 8-8-08. Then I said to Nolan, "And, you are 8 years old!" Nolan thought about it awhile and said, "Wouldn't it be cool if I was 8 years, 8 months and 8 days old on 8-8-08?!" I thought about it and realized that he was indeed just that! Pretty cool huh?!

Have a great weekend! May you have sweet dreams! :)

"You shall not be terrified of them; for the Lord your God, the great awesome God, is among you." Deuteronomy 7:21


HennHouse said...

What a beautiful dream. Thank you so much for sharing!


Anxious AF said...

What a wonderful dream, I would love for us all to get together some day! Maybe we could????

Kimberly Hass said...


What a beautiful dream (love the grapes, BTW). Glad it left you feeling wonderfully peaceful.

So cool about Nolan: 8/8/08!!

Enjoy the Olympics. We love this time of year, too.

Hope to see you all soon & hope that Joel is doing well.


catherine said...

First, thank you for all the support you have given us through Peter's carepage....I really do appreciate it! We finally created our own blog so now I know how to leave comments....I am so slow sometimes! I wanted to tell you what a great dream you had - I bet if you did a bit of research on grapes and their meaning there is something hidden God has placed there for you! I had a dream one time that Peter was crawling on the beach and I remember being overtaken by joy - and in my dream I was laughing because the sand was piling up under him and against his chest - but he kept trying to push and crawl over it. It was awesome! I woke up full of I understand! It is great to wake up that way!! God bless you and your family always!!
cp: PeterAlistairKrause

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful dream! I would love to meet you in person one of these days....

And I accidently pulled my son's button out. What an aweful feeling. But, they get over it WAY before we do!!!

Cindy - TJ's mom

Cathy said...

Your dreams sound fun! Maybe one day it can be a reality. It was so good to hear from Tamara today.
I think that is so cool about Nolan! Cathy & Annabel

The VW's said...


Yes, grapes! :) I've visited your site and have yet to leave a message, but I think your children are precious and you crack me up, so thanks!


I'd LOVE to meet you and give your adorable Alex a squeeze someday!


Joel is doing much better and on his way to walking soon, we hope!

Hope you guys are doing well. We'd love to get together soon with you. I need a girl fix and need to see Mallory before she's much bigger! Hope you are feeling well! Love ya!


Thanks for visiting Gavin's site! I keep up with Peter's and love to look at his sweet face!

As for your thoughts on grapes, I think that you may be right. I heard awhile back that grapes represent, in the way they look, mammary glands and that they are good to eat if you are nursing or pregnant, so maybe subconsiously I'm wishing that I could be feeding Gavin milk or something. Unfortunately he eats and drinks nothing by mouth and this does upset me, are probably right about that!

I pray that Peter continues to do well and that God has great plans for your little guy!


I'd love to meet you and your awesome TJ someday too! It's so great to see him doing so well! And, I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one who has pulled out their child's button!


Yes, it was a fun dream! I'd love for it to become reality! Hope you and your wonderful family are doing great!

Love to all, Alicia