Friday, August 8, 2008

We are never alone!

...........Enough said!..........
Well, except that I'm feeling very bad because I pulled Gavin's G-tube button out this morning by accident! I was changing his diaper on the floor and afterwards went to pick him up and the tubing got caught under my knee. When I picked him up....Pop! went the button. I had pulled it right out of his stomach! This is the first time that this has happened and I feel so bad about it! He cried a little. They say the hole is kind of like an earring hole after awhile, so it normally doesn't hurt, but imagine if someone yanked your earring out! The button is held in place by a bubble inside the stomach that is filled with water, so it doesn't come out too easily. But, obviously it does if you pick your child up and have the tubing under your knee!! Anyway, he's fine and I'm fine, but I still feel bad.
The boys all got a lesson on how to put a new G-tube button in though! They were all very interested, especially Nolan! I'll be surprised if at least one of our boys don't choose a career in the health field after all that they have seen since Gavin was born!
Hope everyone enjoys their weekend! The boys are SO excited about the Olympics starting! I can barely contain them! Go team U.S.A.!!!
"And He said, "My Presence will go with you, and I will give you rest." " Exodus 33:14

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Cathy said...

Sometimes I think that with all the medical things we do with our special needs children, if they accumulated all the hours we could probably have a nursing degree. Really just kidding! Heres hoping that you and your wonderful family have a great weekend. CAthy & Annabel