Friday, October 17, 2008

I'm working really hard!

Gavin has been doing a little better lately with his neck and head control. He's normally quite floppy and just slumps in whatever position he is in. Lately he seems to be really working on keeping his head and body up. So, I thought that I would try putting him in his exersaucer. Previous tries ended with him quite upset and just slumping over. Look at him now! He actually likes it and seems really proud of himself! It's a lot of work for the little guy and I have to wrap a blanket around his body to help support him, but he's trying at least! Momma's so proud!!!

He had an EEG yesterday to measure his brain waves and to see if there is any spiking in his brain. Spiking shows that his brain is irritable, which could lead to seizures. He has not had a seizure since January, that we can see visually anyway. Hopefully the EEG will show that he isn't having any as well. One of my biggest fears is that he will start to have seizures again. It is SO emotionally draining to watch your child having them! I have been much more relaxed since they have stopped. I used to feel burdened all of the time when they were occuring. Even when I would get a chance to get away for awhile, I never really got away. I would always have this nagging feeling that something wasn't good and would even find myself almost crying at the store or wherever I was. I'm so relieved that he is not having them anymore! Please pray that he can remain seizure free! Pray for those families who are having to watch their child having them. It really breaks my heart thinking that many are struggling with this right now!

Thanks for your continued prayers for Gavin and our family! We feel very blessed to know how many have, and are praying for him! God Bless You!

"O Lord, our Lord, How excellent is Your name in all the earth, Who have set Your glory above the heavens!" Psalm 8:1


HennHouse said...

Just WONDERFUL! You go, Gavin!

Great verse, too!

Anxious AF said...

What a big boy he is!!!! That is a lot of work, and he is doing amazing!!!

Holly said...

Great Job Gavin! I was blog hopping today.. I will be praying for your beautiful family and your sweet son. I hope the EEG results are good. I hate seizures too :) God Bless your sweet son and his amazing mommy!

Princess Abigail said...

oh WOW, Gavin SO seems to be having a brilliant time on that thing!

It is so nice to see him all groovy like that !

Tell your Mama she is doing a truly wonderful job at nurturing you into You!

The Bernard Bunch

ruehshouse said...

Gavin you look like you are having a ton of fun. Keep up the good work. We will keep you in our prayers as we always do.

Love you all lots--
The Ruehs FRamily

Anonymous said...

I can see that he is enjoying being in the excersauser! How awesome. He is making progress! Thank you for sharin those wonderful pictures.

I'm so glad that he is not having seizures anymore. One less worry for you when you have a chance to go out.

God Bless you!


Cathy said...

Praying that he continue to remain seizure free. I love the pictures of sweet Gavin, so colorful. I read your comment on Mallorie's blog about her falling off the couch. I saw were Gavin didn't usually move and you were just happy he moved. That has happened iwth Annabel also. She hasn't really rolled over and to have fell off, I was shocked. Thank you for your kind words of encouragement on Annabel's blog.'Praying for Gavin.