Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Lately I've noticed that Gavin seems to be seeing better than he has in the past. He has been trying to focus on our faces more and he has been tracking bigger objects quite well. Yesterday I found out that he definitely IS seeing better than he used to!

I took him to the eye doctor and they determined that he is seeing at 20/470. This is still considered legally blind. (You are considered legally blind when your vision cannot be corrected to better than 20/200.) But, he used to be at 20/2700!!! So, this is a HUGE improvement! Keep in mind that he sees 20/470 with glasses on, so without glasses he sees a lot worse. The doctor said that means that he is probably able to see things as big as the top "E" on an eye chart. I was VERY happy to hear this news! What a blessing! Now if we can only find a way to keep his glasses on his face?!.......?!

Here are some pictures of Gavin playing with his toys with Caleb. Aren't they cute?!

"For we walk by faith, not by sight." 2 Corinthians 5:7


Anxious AF said...

YAY! We go to the eye doctor next month.
This is great news Gavin!

Lacey said...

I wish I knew what Jax could see. Since it was a brain injury, theres no way to tell, but he fails all the clinical tests they do. My friend can't keep her little girls glasses on her face either.

Heather said...

The love of a brother .. so sweet.And what great news on the eye sight improvement.Huge news for Mr.Gavin.The world becomes brighter and clearer for him ... a gift he so deserves.

Annette Gysen said...

That is so great! I truly believe that having so many people around him who love him and stimulate(push--in a good way :)) him has to make a huge difference. What a blessing to Gavin to be in such a loving family!

Inspired said...

More great pictures....love it!

Way to go Gavin. You just keep showing us that nothing is impossible. You are a super star!


Anonymous said...

Such GOOD news to hear that darling Gavin's eyesight has so MUCH improved - Praise Be To God!
So many good surprises in store for us that unfold in the process of time. Health and recovery are such a blessing. Even in our condition of frailty - we have our good days to be grateful for & our breaks between the more difficult ones.
Just as gold when it is found must go thru the fire to be refined and brought to its best and most useful quality and beauty - so are we his children being prepared for wonderful things that will bring us gratitude & joy - and most -Glory to Our Father and Lord Jesus Christ who love us so much.
Love you so much, Sharon