Friday, February 27, 2009

Cough, Gag, Spit-up, Cry, Sleep.......and Repeat

This is what Gavin's last two days have consisted of. My little Littles is miserable!

Despite doing all that I could think of to try to not let him catch the colds that Nolan and Caleb keep passing back and forth to each other, Gavin got sick! I made them stay out of the room that Gavin spends most of his time in each day. I made a bed for Gavin in the Living Room so that he didn't have to sleep in the same room with Caleb when he was sick. I was very strict about them covering mouths when coughing or sneezing and I stood over them while they washed their hands to make sure that they scrubbed them until they were sore! I opened windows a little to let out the bad germs and let in some fresh air. I don't know what more I could have done, but the fact is, Gavin is sick!

I hate when Gavin is sick! For one thing, it breaks my heart! Plus, I am just so anxious when he is sick! I would love to go back to the days when a cold was just a cold! Instead of now, when a cold could turn into a need for oxygen, a case of pneumonia or even a hospital stay! I hate that I let myself get so worried and anxious! It really consumes my emotions, fearing the worst. Why do I do this to myself?! I guess it's because I never want to set foot into a hospital again as long as I live and that Gavin is my sole responsibility for the most part. I keep telling myself to take a deep breath, relax and that God has it all under control, but I haven't quite convinced myself of this. Which in turn, makes me feel guilty as well, because I know that God will give me the strength to get through whatever happens!

Please pray that Gavin handles this cold well and that he is able to stay home and off oxygen. (His O2 Sats are lower than his norm, but he is holding his own for now.) Pray that he gets over this soon and that I don't work myself into a mess! My state of emotions were already fragile for some reason, and this isn't helping the matter! Pray that I can realize that I am not the one in control and that I must remember to focus on the ONE WHO is!

Have a great weekend and try to stay healthy! Thank you for your prayers!

I'm trying to focus on this:

"Whenever I am afraid, I will trust in You." Psalm 56:3

And even though I just posted this one last week, it's another one that I'm continually telling myself to remember:

"Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God; and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus." Philippians 4:6


Amy said...

Poor little buddy! I'm so sorry to hear he caught those germs, and that it's bringing you even more stress and worry. It's only natural to feel worried about this, so don't feel guilty about that! I must admit that Mr. Gavin sure does look cute even though he's sick. When I have a cold, I just look like a blotchy, snotty, mess! ;o)

(((HUGS))) to you all!

Lacey said...

Oh no, now he's sick? Its so hard when you have older kids that go to school and bring everything home. Praying he doesn't get worse. Hugs from Lacey and Jax

Alicia said...

Aaaawwww, poor punkin!!!

I sure understand the anxiety that comes with the "common" cold! EVERY time Marissa catches something, we walk around so suspicious of every little sniffle, sneeze and cough. Its miserable!

I too have a hard time remembering that I am not in control and that God is... pretty hard for a self-admitted control freak!

Praying that Gavin gets over this quickly and it does not turn into anything more than a cold.


Annette Gysen said...

Poor Gavin! I'll be praying for him and you.

Anxious AF said...

What a tired little punkin....You do exactly what I do when there are germs in the house, right down to the window being open. Some call us germ a phobes, but we have to try for our little ones.
Keep holdin your own Gavin.

Heather said...

About that plastic bubble?Would come in handy, wouldn't it?Poor guy.Poor momma that has to worry.Sometimes we think of these kids as being so fragile and ... don't get me wrong, they are,in so many ways but they also are tough as nails and have proven that time and time again.Gavin will kick this,sooner than later I hope.I will pray for that.Hope the weekend is uneventful.

Cammie Heflin said...

Poor little man! Since Addy got sick the beginning of February we have been even more diligent about hand washing, lysol, chlorox wipes etc. Well I now have a major head cold! I am hoping not to pass it to Addy, now we will add Gavin to our prayers to stay at home and get better soon!

HennHouse said...

It is so hard on everyone when the little one is sick. We'll be praying.

Shan said...

Thinking of you and PRAYING! Marie is sending her own get well kisses and hugs to Gavin (little flirt). Hand in there! If you need to vent feel free to email me, this has been a loooong winter in the sicky department!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry Gavin has caught a cold! I know how scary these little bugs can be. I'll have him in my prayers to get over it quickly. Gavin is always in my prayers though, I'm glad that you blog so often. It's nice to see and hear how Gavin and you guys are getting along.

Peace be with you Alicia,