Thursday, March 5, 2009

Some Improvement

Gavin is headed in the right direction. He is slowly going down on his need for oxygen, although he really struggles to keep his sats up when he is sleeping. This worries me because they won't send him home if he continues to have such a high need for oxygen while sleeping. He has needed to wear an oxygen mask during the night because his sats don't stay high enough with the nasal canula alone. He HATES the mask and is quite irritated by it! He pulls it off, his oxygen saturation plummets, Joel or I hear beeping and have to wake up to put the mask back on, he gets mad and pulls it off again and no one gets much sleep! It's an ongoing cycle that I pray stops very soon!

He was able to get down to 1/2 a liter of O2 this afternoon while awake, so this is a huge improvement! I was beginning to feel anxious that we could be in the hospital for weeks until he showed us that he could stay stable on a low amount for part of the day. This made me breathe a huge sigh of relief! I was kind of depressed this morning watching him struggle to breathe and thinking that this seemed never ending, but this afternoon he showed us that he was capable, plus I got a long breather from the hospital today, which definitely lightened my mood! Joel's mom came to sit with him for a few hours and my mom came this evening for a few hours, (On her birthday at that! Happy Birthday Mom!) We are so blessed with caring and helpful mothers!!! So, I was able to run some errands, do homework with the boys, and we were all able to eat dinner together at home! (Meal supplied by a wonderful friend from church! Thank You friend! YUM!!) So, tonight I am feeling refreshed and so thankful for the help that God has supplied us with!

Gavin had a lot more energy today and was kicking and 'talking' up a storm, not to mention spending lots of time playing with his tubing and trying to remove the tubing from his face! He has to have at least 8 hands it seems! He's quick and determined and it seems to be the only thing on his mind! His little face is raw from the tape that holds the tubing on his face. It looks so painful! I told the nurses that they couldn't use tape anymore. He will pull the O2 off his face whether he has tape on it or not and when it's on, his skin gets ripped off from the force that he pulls the tubing with! He cries so hard when this happens! A nurse finally made a sign that says NO TAPE because everytime I left the room to get a drink or something, someone had put tape back on the tubing to stick it to his face. Hopefully the sign will help because I don't think that his face can handle much more!

We were told to expect to stay through the weekend at least. We figured this, but were hoping to all be home by tomorrow for Jacob's birthday, but we'll celebrate another time!

Check out the decorations that are hanging up in Gavin's hospital room:

Nolan's third grade class made Gavin cards! I thought that this was so sweet and thoughtful of his teacher! The cards are adorable and made my day! They are filled with such sweet 9 year old words of comfort and even perfect Bible verses to help us on this road! We are so thankful to be apart of such a godly minded school! I know that our boys are being supported through this crazy time at school as well! Their teachers are the best!

I read this on a church sign this afternoon:

"How to get rich quick!.....Count your blessings!"

This was a perfect sign for me to see today! We may all be going through a time of trial, but if we take the time to count the blessings that we actually have in our life, we are really very wealthy! I know that I'm thankful for our many blessings this week! Thanks for all of your prayers, well wishes and support! God has blessed us with all of you!

One more thing. Today Caleb and I went to the hospital gift shop to buy my mom a ballon for her birthday. While we were paying for it, he was looking at some coins that had angels imprinted on them. He asked the lady what they were and she told him that they were coins with angels that would bless you if you asked them to. Caleb said, "I don't believe that, do you?" She said, "Yes, I do!" He looked at me like she was nuts and then looked back at her and said, "God is the one Who gives blessings to us, not angels!" I tried so hard not to laugh and felt so proud that he wasn't afraid to set her straight on Who actually brings us blessings! He is a handful, but he sure is a blessing to have around!

"Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and comes down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shadow of turning." James 1:17


My name is Sarah said...

Glad to read that Gavin is improving.

Lacey said...

So glad he's doing better. Will they send you home with oxygen? You've probably had it before. I love that church sign. We have a church by us that always has clever but trues saying's on it. We love to drive by it and see what it says.

Alicia said...

Glad to hear that Gavin is doing better. I will keep praying for his continued healing.

What a cute story about angel blessings vs. God blessings. Caleb sure knows what he is talking about!


Heather said...

Great way to end my day and prayers continue that you find home tomorrow.Way to go Gavin ... what a fighter you are.Strong and brave as well.Kisses from Zoey.

Annette Gysen said...

Thankful to hear that Gavin is doing better. What would we do without our grandparents? Yay VanderWall grandmas! And it's always interesting when your children "evangelize" and straighten out other people's wrong ideas. "Out of the mouths of infants . . ." I love how Gavin lets everybody know what he does and doesn't like (probably not quite as cute when you have to take care of him :)). And happy birthday, Jacob!

Shan said...

Good to read this post and read he's doing better bit by bit. Tough guy!
About the tape, it always eats Marie's face up too. I hope they read the sign!

Anxious AF said...

Im so glad to hear he is improving. I hate that you arent getting much sleep, that makes all this so much harder to handle.

Love you!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to hear Gavin is doing better during the day! And though, that is true that many many of our blessings come from God, who is awesome and fills us all with the Grace and Peace we need, however, I feel we receive blessings from many different things and people. I believe I've had blessings come from angels in heaven as well as from God and my many friends and family. That is just my feelings though.
Take care.
nicole k