Thursday, April 30, 2009

Busy Time of Year!

This time of year is so busy for our family! After the boring (if you could call our life boring?) months of Winter, Spring brings about craziness! I go from being stuck in the house most of the time, to running everywhere! It is a good change, but it's a dramatic one too. It takes sheer concentration to go from doing nothing, to doing so much. My brain is working overtime trying to keep everyone's schedules running smoothly!

Springtime brings about school programs, last of the year school projects and exams, more doctors appointments for some reason(?) and SPORTS! Sports rule our life from April until June around here! And, I don't even care for sports very much! We have 4 of our 6 person family doing sports right now. There is something sports related at least 4 nights/mornings a week. With Joel working late hours some days and children needing to be in 2 different places at one time, it gets to be way to much for me! And, did I mention that I'm not really a sports person?

Saturday mornings are absolutely nuts! There is almost no way for me to get in Gavin's nebulizer treatments and meds before we need to head out the door. Plus, we have 3 boys playing in 2 different sports and needing to be at 3 places at once! And, since there are only 2 parents.....what can we do? I call this stress! Joel calls this bliss! Oh, and did I mention that I'm not really into sports? Plus, we have a Gavin, don't forget that!

I am so thankful that this only lasts a short time, because I don't think that my mind could tolerate this long term! I just don't have it in me! There I said it, I'm just not capable, being only 1 person! Come Summer, Come quickly, Please!

Having said all of this, I DO love watching my boys play sports and I think that it's good for them to play sports. I just wish that it wasn't all at once! I especially like watching Caleb play, because he gets SO excited about the game and is kind of a show off...He's so cute! So, it's not all bad and it really is better than staying couped up like I am all Winter long. Here are some pictures of my boys in action!

Two of my handsome boys before heading out to a school program:

Jacob playing soccer:

Caleb playing soccer:

Nolan playing baseball:

Gavin watching his brothers play sports:

He doesn't look too impressed, does he?

Gavin worn out from all the excitement:

Momma's with you too Gavin. I'm tired right along with you!

I HAVE gained 30 more minutes in my day though! I'm really excited about this! Yesterday we went to the pulmonologist for Gavin and we were told that we could cut down to doing 2 nebulizer treatment per day instead of 3! Yay for progress and more time!

We also learned that Gavin has lost weight though. This is not good. He had been stable at 26 - 26 1/2 pounds for the last year. But, yesterday he was down to 23 1/2 pounds! He hasn't had any changes made lately, so I don't know what is up with this? I will be calling his developmental doctor today and hopefully get to talk with his nutritionist. Maybe he just needs more food? Hopefully it's an easy fix. I'm O.K. with him not growing too much, since we have to carry him everywhere. It's easier on our backs! But, to lose weight is not good, when he has stayed the same weight for so long! Gavin must just want to add to the excitement going on with our family.....He must be feeling neglected since all of his brothers are getting so much attention lately! :)

"This is the day the Lord has made; We will rejoice and be glad in it."
Psalm 118:24


Michelle said...

Ok, I just giggled through your whole post...and Gavin looking so thrilled with the sporting action!!lol. Too cute. Thinking I'd NEVER get my hair washed with all that action going on...

Do you know they make a travel neb that plugs into your cigarrette lighter? Made my life so much easier last fall....Has Gavin perhaps grown in length??

Ugh, I recall having two girls in soccer too, whooo---

Btw, I wasn't sure after reading, so I just wanted to make sure if you liked sports or not???ROTFL!!

Lacey said...

Look at that sweet boy. Sports take over our summer to. But its just baseball. Carter is 6 but he is soo good. Yeah I brag about him, he's my little allstar. So he practices all the time. I love to watch him to play.
You want to hear something funny? People keep telling me to do make a wish for Jax. And I was thinking a great wish would be to go out to Michigan to play with you for a while, wouldn't that be great. Give that boy a kiss from me and Jax

Anxious AF said...

We are also batteling the weight loss....Hmmm???
And I am not a sports girl either, although i do like watching my boys, it is a LOT going from one thing to the next. The good news it ends!!!!!
I am so excited for you about losing a breathng treatment! this is huge, for gavin and you, one less thing, much more time!

Lacey said...

Yeah, we should get them to send us to Disney World together. That would be so cool. Us and our DS and autistic boys. Man, that would be a lot of boys together, we might have to go off by ourselves one night.

Shan said...

First, I love that he has a baseball uniform too! Second, why is it that with him weighing 23 lbs he looks like a chubster, and Marie at 22.5 lbs looks like a hungry little bird? Is she about a foot taller than Gavin or what?
We are busy too, hence the lack of blogging for nearly a week. Something about it is so much fun though! Glad you're all doing good:)

ANewKindOfPerfect said...

He sure looks excited to be watching those sports games, doesn't he. ;)

What is with our kids losing weight lately? My peanut finally got back to 30 pounds, almost 31 even, and now we're back to 29! At 5.5 years old? She truly is a peanut.

I hope that the doctor gives you some helpful suggestions. And YAY on losing a neb treatment!! :)

Lacey said...

hey there. No one has ever mentioned nebs. I tried albuterol this time because he was so wheezy but it doesn't really help him, so I don't know if they think other ones won't help. I'll have to ask my ped about it next time I'm in, I already have a nebulizer.