Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Gavin loves his lights, but Botox, not so much!

Gavin's appointment went fairly well yesterday. He received 6 injections of Botox. He got 4 shots in his calf muscles and 2 in his inner thigh muscles. Gavin usually does fairly well with his immunizations, but this is probably because I insist on holding him when he gets them and 2 nurses do them at the same time, so it doesn't take very long. Yesterday he had to lay on his belly on the table for the injections and the doctor did one at a time, so it took a bit longer than a normal shot session does.

Gavin was NOT happy about this! He was literally sobbing and it broke my heart! As soon as I picked him up, he settled down nicely, but he has decided that Botox is NOT FUN!

We won't know if the Botox has made a difference for about 7-10 days. This is when it's effects peak. I hope that we notice a difference, but only time will tell.

On a brighter note, I put rope lights around Gavin's crib and he LOVES them!

Here are some pictures of him with them, with the room lights on:

And, here are some pictures of him with them, with the room lights off:

Pretty cool, Right?!?!.....That's for you Amy! :)

"Lord, lift up the light of Your countenance upon us. You have put gladness in my heart." Psalm 4:6b-7a


Jenkins said...

Oooo, I love the lights.
I might be picking some up for our little guy. I love the way you looped them on the rail. Great!

We have those jammies too...they are crazy cuddly, some of my favorite.

Jenkins said...

And what it that chair like thing he is in?

Hope said...

Love the lights. What a great idea!

Annette Gysen said...

I hope the Botox has some good results that make it worth the pain. I love the lights! I may have to get some of those for my room :)! You are so creative about finding things to give Gavin joy. God gave him a great mom!

Alicia said...

I meant to comment yesterday but I got a bit busy. Not too busy to say prayers for Gavin though. I am glad the appt went fairly well, despite the conclusion that botox is no fun. I hope and pray it works for him.

Marissa got botox once, in her salivary glands when her docs believed she may be aspirating her saliva. Luckily for her, the doc did it while she was under general anesthesia for a bronch already. We never saw any real results but I'm sure it is different for every kid, in different areas of the body. And, as it turns out, she does not aspirate her saliva, so she didn't need it anymore.

I LOVE the lights and I am so glad Gavin does too. It is always a blessing when we find out what soothes our kiddos!

Have a great day!

Lacey said...

I can't believe they didn't sedate him for that, how horrible!
Those lights are great, I need to do that for Jax, since lights is what he see's.

Cammie Heflin said...

Poor guy! I've had several students have a lot of success with Botox, I can't wait to see what it does for Gavin! I LOVE the lights! He looks like he does too!

Becky said...

NO sedation?!?! WOW! I'm shocked. No wonder he was unhappy...it's painful to get that many shots. I would ask next time - that's just not right. Glad he has recovered. The lights are great. :)

Doug & Glenda Myers and boys said...

I hope and pray that those shots will work for Gavin. I feel bad that this little guy had to go through all those shots. The lights are very cool and I'm glad he enjoys them like he does.

Cindy said...

I love the rope lights! What a great idea!!!! He looks like he loves them!

I will patiently wait to find out how the Botox shots work. I hope you get the best results. That is really neat how some medicines work for so many things.

Where did you get the bed wedge from? I should probably e-mail you that question! I'm sure a lot of my reflux friends would love to know about that. It looks really nice, comfy and safe.


Heather said...

Love the lights!!Zoey would LOVE them!So,so cool with the lights off.

Praying for good things from the injections.I too have head lots of success stories too.

Inspired said...

LOVE it!

Amy said...

Haha! Cool, indeed (right?)! :o)

I hope the injections pay off. They better, having made our little buddy cry. Grrr!

Love you!

ANewKindOfPerfect said...

Wow, look at him loving those lights. What a great idea!!

I'm sorry the Botox was no fun, I hope you see some positive results soon!

Cathy said...

Wow, I love those light. Were did you get them. They look so cool at night. Also, he looks great in his stander. I am into brands, so do you mind sharing the brand. What is up with me? He loooks quite happy with daddy doing his therapy.
Thank you for faithfully commenting on Annabels blog and prayers.