Friday, April 16, 2010

A few things.....mostly sports related!

You may know from past blog posts, that Gavin DOES NOT like baths! He doesn' like water period and he hates to get wet! Bathtime is very stressful for both of us! Since he despises it so much, I usually just give him a full bath every 2 weeks or so. I give him sponge baths every couple of days and wash his hair at the sink at this time as well. I have never seen a child not like water as much as Gavin doesn't like it!

Last week I saw a blog post on Jaxson's blog that I thought would help Gavin and I enjoy bathtime more. Jaxson's Momma put him in the bathtub with his big brother. He was being held by his brother, since, like Gavin, he can't sit up on his own. Gavin has only tolerated being put in water a few times and this was when I was holding him while in a swimming pool or hottub. So, I thought, maybe, just maybe, Gavin would tolerate his bath if someone was holding him! Caleb agreed to help me with this.

You want to know how it turned out?!

Gavin said, "NO WAY!"

I really thought that this would help! I guess, if Gavin had his way, he would stay dirty all of the time. Any suggestions for me????? I'm really hoping that once we get our pool installed (this year...???), Gavin will learn to like water. I REALLY pray that he does, because bathtime is depressing around here!


Guess what Springtime means at our house?


You want to see a schedule of our week?

Monday: Baseball practice for Jacob and Soccer practice for Nolan.

Tuesday: Softball practice for Joel, Baseball practice for Jacob and soccer practice for Caleb (all at the same time and all at different fields!)

Wednesday: Cadets, plus Nolan was supposed to start piano lessons, but I put it off until next week, so that I could get all of our schedules figured out this week.

Thursday: Soccer practice for Caleb, which he ended up missing because we had a baseball game to go to.

Friday: Baseball practice for Jacob and baseball practice for Caleb (Of course, both at the same time and at different locations!)

Saturday: Soccer game for Caleb and soccer game for Nolan. Plus, TWO baseball practices for Caleb in the afternoon!


Plus, we have Gavin's schedule to remember and laundry and cooking and cleaning and grocery shopping and homework and meds and nebs and pharmacy visits.....


I'm not even a sports person! But, I am actually enjoying all of this craziness! It's better than being bored! Ask me how I feel in May though, after a couple months of running all the time! :)


Lastnight's baseball game was so much fun! Our boy's school had their varsity baseball game at a real baseball field! This is where our local baseball team (a division of the Detroit Tigers) plays their home games. A few people donated money to rent the field and it was almost like being at a professional baseball game! (Except, the fans from the two schools that played had the place to ourselves!)

Caleb took this picture of our team in their uniforms for the first game:

Our boys had a blast!

Well, Gavin wasn't too sure about all the cheering, yelling and clapping at first. He cried and startled a lot during the first game (it was a double header) and I felt really badly for him! But, by the second game he was used to the noise and ended up enjoying himself.

Caleb was in his element! His friends were there, baseball was being played, he could yell and run around and he got to stay up late!

The school had baseball cards made up for the players and the students got to get autographs from the players during one of the breaks! Caleb thought that this was so cool!

The students of our school had the option to sign up to sing the National anthem. Nolan and Caleb did this. It was a great opportunity for them! Here is a picture of the students singing:

So, did our team win????

They won both games and the night was a huge success!

We feel very blessed that our boys are apart of this school! And, they love it too!


Lastly, aren't my two youngest so sweet sitting together? I don't know what I would do without them in my life! I am so blessed!

Hope you all have a great weekend! We are planning on it.....and you know what ours will be filled with.....SPORTS!

"For bodily exercise profits a little, but godliness is profitable for all things, having promise of the life that now is and of that which is to come." I Timothy 4:8


Debbie said...

Even crying he makes me smile....he is just so stinkin cute!!!

Gosh...I wish I had some great suggestion for bathtime but I don't because most days Huds is fine with his and some days he cries but his baths are pretty quick since he doesn't play in the tub. We get the job done and get out...
I am just happy the other 2 are at an age where they can bathe themselves...although they still ask for "mommy baths"

Have a great weekend...

Annette Gysen said...

Do Gavin's teachers have any suggestions about making his baths more fun for him? It looks like his big brother is having fun! Cute pics of the boys!

ANewKindOfPerfect said...

I am loving all the pictures! Does Gavin see an OT, they had great suggestions for us when Peanut hated water. She still doesn't like her head wet at all. She will literally scream, and then hold her breath until she passes out, if we DARE to pour water on her head. LOL So we still use waterless shampoo. I know I mentioned that to you once a while back, did you erver get some to try? We do bed baths daily, and a tub bath once a week for her. :)

Becky said...

LOVE the pictures - so cute. Sorry about the bath issue. Ben loves his baths so I'm not sure how to help. :( Play ball!!!

Derek, Kenzee and Gage said...

What a crazy schedule you have going on! But so fun for your kids, although tiring for you! What a great mom! Oh Gavin is just adorable, I love the big grin on his face with his big brother!

Stephanie said...

Sorry the water trick didn't work. What if you lay Gavin down on an inflatable, like one you'd use in the pool to lay on and float, and then put that in the tub. That way the water would be all around him and you could wash him up.

You're as busy as we are. Family dinners are hard to come by in our house as we are running somewhere with someone every day after school and week ends. Can't wait until summer!!!

HA!!! A song just came on your music that I want on mine but didn't know who sang it!!! Mercy Me! Got it!

Unknown said...

Wow and I thought my schedule was busy. I don't know how you do it. I have enough keeping track of my own schedule and you are doing yours and 5 other people. I'm so tired by the end of the night. I do agree though that sometimes busier is better than not busy.
The baseball game looked like tons of fun. I bet the baseball team felt spectacular playing on such a nice field. And it looks like everyone else had just as good of a time.
As for bath time, Isabelle has to have the water pretty warm or else it startles her. I actually still get in the tub with her and hold her when she gets a bath. It works right now, but the bigger she gets the harder it is becoming. Those are the only suggestions I have right now, but I'll keep thinking.

Alicia said...

I love the picture of Caleb & Gavin in the bath! Even though Gavin is screaming his lungs out, Caleb is such an awesome big brother and it shows in his big grin!

Wow, that's A LOT of sports! Makes my head spin just reading about it all!

Have a great week!

Jenkins said...

You gave the bath a try!

And all of the activites...busy, busy!

You crew is so cute! Watch out ladies! Kind, caring, adorable...

Anonymous said...

Did you try a shower. Have dad hold him while taking a shower. Craig and I have done this for years. You will need to be there to get him out, but you can control the amount of water he is subjected to by pulling him or parts of him out of the spray. Soaping is a challenge, but sometimes hot water is just enough. You could still do hair washing like you have been, but maybe he might get used to it. Aidan hated it at first, but then he eventually started playing in the water and now he loves showers. Also maybe it time for a bath seat (medical one) One that lies back a tad and keeps his upper body out of the water. Also try warmer water. Enlist help - bathtime for us IS still a 2 person job. Hope this helps - Melissa H.