Sunday, April 25, 2010

Gone way too soon!

So often, this life seems unfair. I often find myself questioning the uncertainties of this world. I have been doing a lot of this the past couple of days!

I learned that a fellow blogger's daughter passed away on Friday. Carly was such a beautiful girl and so full of life and potential! I can't even begin to understand why she was taken from this world and her family so soon!

Carly's family had been given a surprise gift 8 years ago, when she came into their family. Carly was born with a little something extra, just like Gavin. Carly had Down syndrome.

If you don't have a child with Down syndrome or if you aren't close to someone with DS, then you can't possibly imagine the pain it must be to have lost this sweet girl so soon! Along with an extra Chromosome, children with Down syndrome also bring with them extra joy for this world!

Carly was the George's 3rd child and she came into their life when their other children were somewhat older. Carly was a VERY loved little girl! I couldn't help but see that she was the life of their family.

She was very healthy, despite having a heart defect that was repaired and despite having went through leukemia a few years ago. In fact, she was so healthy and full of life that she went to a typical school and she did what typical children do everyday! Her family had no reason to believe that she would be taken from them so soon!

I read on Facebook that she had a seizure (not sure if this is true) and that they had to call 911. And then, that she didn't make it! It happened this quickly! This just doesn't make sense or seem fair! How does a family continue on after something like this?!

I have been caught up in a cloud of sorrow this weekend, thinking of how her wonderful family must feel. I went to the store and saw people doing their normal routines and all I wanted to do was cry and say, "How can everyone act so normal when a precious child, like Carly, is gone from us?!" I didn't even "know" Carly, and yet, I am being shook hard, knowing that she is no longer alive on this earth with us! I keep waking up and praying for her family and thinking of how hard this must be for them!

Sometimes you expect a child to leave this earth too soon. I've thought this way about Gavin several times in his life.....when he was so sick and in the hospital. I would have fallen apart if we had lost him so soon, but I certainly would have been somewhat prepared. With Carly, no one expected this! I don't even believe that she ever suffered from seizures in her life! This just doesn't make any sense!

I keep looking at this picture of her and getting sick to my stomach, thinking of what her family is missing right now!

I read this on a church sign this week:

"Don't put a question mark where God has put a period."

I usually would be nodding my head in agreement to a truth like this, But I am having a really difficult time not questioning this today!

Please be in prayer for Carly's family! I pray that God will give them the peace that only He can supply. And, may they be given grace, hope, strength and love today and always!

The last post that Carly's Momma did this past week, prior to knowing that Carly would be taken from her so soon, was titled: "Everything's going to be alright." I hope and pray that this is true for her family. Please keep them in your heart and prayers!

You will be missed sweet Carly!

"My grace is sufficient for you, for My strength is made perfect in weakness." 2 Corinthians 12:9


Alicia said...

I am sorry to hear of Carly's passing. So very hard when a child goes to heaven. Even more so when it is a child like Carly who seemingly beat the odds. I will be praying for her family, and her friends like you, who are also hurting.

Lacey said...

I think Carly's death has hit me harder than any death we've endured so far. I don't know if its because we don't know what caused it, or thinking of her father having to do CPR on his baby girl, but its killing me!

Unknown said...

I am so sorry to hear about Carly. I will be praying for all those who have loved her and have been given the gift of having had the chance to know her. It is always such a hard thing to understand what plans
God has for each of our lives. We just have to pray for understanding and trust that He is in control. I know how difficult this can be as we too have been faced with challenges that we still do not have an understanding of, but we have come to find the blessings hidden with in. I pray that God will be with this family and wrap His loving arms around them to get through this most difficult time.

Debbie said...

I feel sick and sad, reading this, looking at her beautiful face and knowing this family is dealing with unimaginable loss.

Prayers are going out to the family and all who knew this angel.

Michelle said...

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Hope said...

I'm so sorry to hear about this. What a beautiful girl.... ((Hugs)) to you!