Friday, August 13, 2010

Just Hangin' Around

My favorite tree in our yard is falling apart! You may remember that we came home from our vacation to find a big limb from this tree on the ground. Well, this week brought another small storm, and when I looked out the window after the storm had passed, this is what I found. It scraped our barn, but thankfully didn't do any damage to it!

I have a thing for leaves and trees....looking at them calms me and makes me happy. I especially love looking at this tree. Seriously...I love it! It's a huge tree and it holds the boy's treehouse in it. I hope this is the end of falling limbs from it!

Caleb was actually very excited by the damage that was done. I think he thought that a new playground was just dropped into our backyard. When Joel got home from work and started to cut off branches to begin removing this huge limb from our yard, Caleb came inside bawling his eyes out saying; "Mom!, Dad is cutting apart the tree!" I told him that this is what needed to be done to get the mess cleaned up. He couldn't believe that we weren't going to just leave it there! "But, If you clean it up, I won't have my jungle to play in anymore!" Poor boy!

It does look like he and Nolan are having fun in it!

I guess, Caleb and I will both be sad when it's gone! :(

There are not only are huge tree limbs hanging around at our house though! Check out Gavin's new toy!

A Johnny Jump Up!!!

"AWW, Mom! What do you have me doing now?!"

"Come on! Do I have to do another workout?"

"Hey! This kind of makes me feel proud of myself!"

I love looking at his cute thighs while he's in there! Aren't they just edible?!

"Maybe this is fun after all?!"

"But, it sure is tiring!"

"Here I am pretending that I was parachuting from a plane and I got stuck in a tree...........Well, that's what my brothers said anyway."

"HEHE, this is lots of fun!"

"But, seriously Mom, I am getting tired! Could you please get me out now?"

I love being able to do such a "normal" activity with Gavin! what if he is almost 4 years old and this is usually used for a 6 month old! It still brings me pleasure to see Gavin using a toy like this!

Hope you have a great weekend! We'll just be hangin' around...... :)


Actually.....Joel and I, and my Mom are doing something really fun with our 3 oldest boys tonight! We are so excited! Joel's parents are watching Gavin for us.....this is a good thing, but I will be leaving Gavin for about 9 hours with someone other than Joel, and this is the first time I have ever done this!.....I'm kind of nervous!

There are so many little things that could go wrong (Pump malfunctions, giving meds, him having a seizure or gagging really badly.....) I'm used to all of this and it's no big deal for me to deal with all the little things that can go wrong in a day, but it can be scary and frustruating for someone who's not used to it. Plus, we will be over an hour away....*deep breath*....I know he will be just fine and in very capable hands, but I just wonder about me???? I keep telling myself that I have to get away sometimes and that Gavin will be just fine.....I'm having a hard time convincing myself of this though!

Here is a hint of what we are doing tonight.....Listen to the song that's playing on our blog right now! :) I'm so excited! (Of course, it doesn't take a whole lot to get me excited, since I don't get out much!) :)

"Christ has redeemed us from the curse of the law, having become a curse for us (for it is written, "Cursed is everyone who hangs on a tree"), that the blessing of Abraham might come upon the Gentiles in Christ Jesus, that we might receive the promise of the Spirit through faith." Galatians 3:13-14


Annette Gysen said...

Gavin is cute as always! He does look like he's enjoying his new toy. And have lots and lots of fun! Casting Crowns! Excellent! (Gavin will have fun with Grandma and Grandpa!)

Amy said...

Aaaaaaahhhhhh, these Gavin photos are my favorite EVER! And yes, those thighs are monchable for sure. I'm so proud of him for giving the toy a chance and liking it. C-U-T-E!

Have a great time at the concert tonight! Stay cool! :o)

Unknown said...

Wow! A johnny jump up! I'm so impressed and he looks great in it. You are constantly trying new things with him, that is definitely inspiring to me. You made me think that maybe after Isabelle's hips are doing what they should be maybe we should give one a shot. Thanks for the idea.

As for tonight, go and have fun. You deserve it. I know it's hard to leave our precious angels in someone else's care, but it is very healthy to let them take care of him for a bit. And they are his grandparents, so at least they are somewhat familiar with his needs and I'm sure they have an over-abounding love to give him. Have fun!

April said...

Love those pictures of Gavin
Hanging out! SO CUTE!! Have a wonderful night out!

Lacey said...

Oh I hope someday Jax can sit in something like that. If he'll ever get that head control down!

Becky said...

Enjoy your time away! And the johnny jump up? LOVE IT! He's adorable!!!

Stephanie said...

Yeah Gavin!!! Love the Johnny Jump up! Christopher was always too long for one, :(

Poor Caleb! Maybe somebody can use the wood for something fun - campfire?, swingset? :)

You guys have a wonderful time tonight. You deserve it!


Steph and Christopher

Heather said...

Where we live ... no trees to climb on.Sad,as I grew up doing that kind of stuff.Miss it for the kids.

Love the Johnny Jump up.Maybe I should think of one for Zoey.she might just love that!then again,maybe not.She is a stubborn little thing!

Love all the pictures of Gavin.So cute and I am certain everyone will do just fine ... hard to leave him,I know but you need the outing and I am certain it was a blast!

Michelle said...

Aww, sorry about your tree, that is a bummer. I have a strange fascination with leaves myself.

Gavin looks so sweet in the jumper. Lillian loves it too, I've never seen one like that, all soft, wish hers was like that.

Been wondering how the concert was.

Debbie said...

He really holds his head well...Hudson couldn't tolerate that, he'd be slumped over..probably flip right out...just too floppy!


I went last September...took my girlfriend for her was awesome...I would go again in a heart beat...Hope you enjoyed the worship!

Colleen said...

I LOVE Casting Crowns. I hope you had lots of fun! Gavin looks happy in his jump up. Isaac likes going in his too and now that he's gaining more head control it's easier to have him in it longer.

Cathy said...

I am praying you have a wonderful time tonight with your 3 older boys. What a beautiful/handsome family you have. Do you mind telling me the Brand of the johnny jump up. I like how padded it looks. I have had some for Annabel but they didn't look like it provided that much support. I love the pictures with all the commnets. Thank you.

Alicia said...

Sorry to hear about the tree. I hope it can be saved.

Gavin looks so stinkin' adorable in his Johnny Jumper!