Friday, February 18, 2011

A Crazy Week calls for Crazy Clothes!

Last week was a crazy week at the VW house! Our home was filled with lots of coughing, Oxygen tanks, the contant buzzing noises of the nebulizer and oximeter machines, lots of crying(From poor,sick Gavin.....and some from his Momma as well!), lots of calls to and from the doctors, and medications galore!

But, just because our week was full of illness and chaos, doesn't mean we didn't have some fun times thrown in as well! Last week was Homecoming week at our boys' school. Along with all the fun that this week holds for the students, they also do some crazy dress-up days! Here are some pictures of our 3 oldest boys, as they left for school each day!

Monday was wear a hat to school day:

Tuesday was color day: (Each grade was assigned to wear a different color)

Wednesday was Dress like a Historical Figure Day: (This was only for the highschool grades, so only Jacob was dressed crazy for the day. He chose to be Johnny Cash.)

Thursday was dress up like a character from a board game: (This was only highschool students as well, and Jacob's Freshman class was assigned the game Candyland. Jacob dressed up as Mr. Mint.)

I think that Hunter wanted a bite of that "big candycane!" :)

Friday was Zion apparel day: (These were the shirts that the school had made up for Homecoming week.)

I loved these shirts because of what they said on the back. "There's no place like home." I LOVE the movie, The Wizard of Oz! Plus, the shirts also reminded me how thankful I was to be at home with Gavin....and not in the hospital, considering how sick he was!

Our boys love this week of school! The school has a lot going on during this week, and EVEN Jacob loves to go to school during this week! :) The school has extra activities going on for the students. Things like: quiz games, pie a senior day, decorate your hallway, plus there is the Homecoming game on Friday night. Sounds like fun, doesn't it?

Even though last week caused me to have even more to do.....having to help the boys find things to wear, and helping them get dressed each morning, it was actually a great distraction from the fact that Gavin and I were feeling so rotten! The only bad part about it, was having to make time and find the energy to wrestle my boys each morning before they left for school, so that I could get a picture of all of them! I heard lots of, "AHH Mom! Come on, not another picture! Do we HAVE to?!)..........My answer was always, of course you HAVE to! I want to remember these days when I'm old and gray....., plus I have a blog ya know! :)

You don't get to see any pics of me and Gavin though.....we were in our PJ's and sweats all week long.....and we definitely weren't looking picture worthy!

This week has found our boys dressing in their normal,boring clothes.....but it has also found us living our normal,"boring" lives! It feels SO GOOD to have Gavin feeling well again.....and me too! I LOVE "Boring"!

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"The Lord reigns, He is clothed with majesty; the Lord is clothed, He has girded Himself with strength. Surely the world is established, so that it cannot be moved."


Heather said...

Boring is good and definitely underrated!

Love the dress up week.shakes things up for the kids and the daily grind of school.

Have a great,uneventful weekend Alicia and stay in those jammies perhaps!

Anonymous said...

You do a great job of keeping life "normal" for the other boys. I think i would have crawled in a hole and said not this year for the dress up with everything else you had going on. Have a great day. So glad for answered prayers that everyone is feeling better. Patt

April said...

Love all of their creative outfits!!

Michelle said...

Boring is definitely the way I like it too!!

Love the outfits, what fun!!

Cari Weymouth said...

I can't get over how big the boys are getting. Jacob makes a pretty darned good Johnny Cash.

Becky said...

LOVED the pictures...very cute and fun.

Carole Doty said...

How Fun!!! Jacob, you make a very handsome Johnny Cash! At first glance I thought you were going for Elvis Presley! You have "his" facial expression down pat! Ha. Love all my cute, fun, adorable, handsome grandsons. I'm so proud to be your grandma...I am SO blessed! Love to you all.

Grandma Doty

Sharon Stehouwer said...

Y.I.P.P.E.E. G.L.A.D.! G.L.A.D. ! G.L.A.D. to know that prayers have been answered so far as Gavin & you feeling much better. So wonderful to hear that "normal life" has once again resumed to your household.

I second the notion that Jacob looked so handsome as Elvis - oops - as Johnny Cash. It is fun having special weeks like that at school where you dress up. "Fun" gives a new lift to the usual routine and order of things.

Expecting another great week to an especially loved family over there.

With oceans of love, Sharon

Love to you all, Sharon

Anonymous said...

I don't know how you do all that you do. God Bless you
Gerri & Augie

Unknown said...

I love spirit or dress up weeks. They are so much fun to see how creative kids can get. Your kids definitely did a great job. I love the "dress like a board game" idea. I'll have to share that one at my school.
Glad to hear you and Gavin are feeling better. Being under the weather is the pits. Hope you have Thinking of you.