Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Good Riddance February!

I am so happy to welcome March in! I'm really hoping that it's a better month to our family, than February has been! February flew by.....but, the saying that "Time flies when you are having fun" has nothing to do with it, because if you ask me, February has not been fun at all!

I realize that I have a bad attitude concerning February, but for our family, it has been a very trying month! I can probably count on one hand, the amount of days that everyone has been healthy in this household. And, the sicknesses we encountered were bad ones....especially for Gavin!

Last week I thought that we were over the hump, and that we'd get a breather for awhile, but Thursday night Gavin started coughing again....and he was coughing up blood!.....Lots of it! I was very worried! In fact, I almost fainted in the middle of the night, because I was so worried about him! I didn't know if we should bring him into the ER, or wait it out until morning to see his doctor. Joel said to wait it out, and I'm thankful we did, because I know they would have admitted him, and as it turns out, Gavin was diagnosed with Bronchitis.....which I learned, can cause you to cough up blood!

He was given a shot of Rocephin and put on more antibiotics. This has helped him a lot, but now we are dealing with the side effects of antibiotics.....diarrhea.....Lots of it!

You should have seen me yesterday. Gavin had a couple of huge blow outs....Nolan and Caleb are now calling Gavin, "The Volcano". Nice, huh?! Gavin needed 2 baths yesterday....and Gavin HATES baths, so it was a really fun day!

Our boys had off from school yesterday, and even though Gavin was still sick, we took them to see the Narnia movie. Guess when Gavin decided to do one of his volcanic eruptions?! Yep! While we were out!

Thankfully, I had brought a change of clothes and lots of wipes, in which I had to use EVERY LAST ONE OF! I was in the bathroom saying out loud that, "LIFE STINKS!".....and at that moment in time, it really did stink! I can laugh about it now, but seriously, it was BAD! Keep in mind that Gavin is too big for a changing table in public restrooms, he doesn't sit up or stand up, and poop was EVERWHERE....except his face and hair anyway, and that's questionable. I was sweating, and Gavin was screaming by the time everything was said and done!

I did think to take a picture of the mess, just to prove to everyone how bad it was, and to show how much I deserved a medal or something.....because who's going to believe how bad it was, I was the only one who had to clean up the mess! Our boys and Joel were thankful to be males yesterday, because this meant that they couldn't go into the ladies bathroom to help me.....although I seriously could have used some help! Just be thankful that I didn't have my camera with me, because I totally would have posted the picture on the blog today! :)

Anyway, February has not been a very good month....at all!

I have been thinking about how absent I've been in life lately. I've been somewhat absent in blogging, and what I've posted has been mostly negative. I've been absent at church. I've been absent at functions. I've been absent in our other boys' lives. It has been rough! I feel like I'm in a foreign world when I get out, because I have been secluded so much lately....and I hate this feeling!

I've been consumed with getting myself healthy, and getting everyone else healthy as well. I've been very busy....and yet, nothing has gotten done! I've had lots of time to think though.....and here are some of the things that I have thought about:

I am not usually a complainer. I hate to complain. But lately, I seem to be doing a lot of complaining! And, this makes me feel very badly inside. Normally, I might have things to complain about, but I rarely complain....I just see no point in complaining. It is what it is....we can't always change the way things are, so why sit and complain about it to everyone?! But, like I said, this month I've been complaining! Normally, I might vent here on the blog, or occasionally vent to my mother, and of course, Joel gets his fair share of hearing me whine about things....but for the most part, I see no point in whining about every little thing!

And yet, I hear so many people complaining and whining about their lives! And, after this month of chaos and sickness.....I'm really tired of hearing it!!!

I have always tried to be a great listener. I have been there for numerous people in my life. I've listened to their troubles and have always been there for them. And, I've been happy to do this for others. Everyone needs someone that they can turn to....and I'm happy to be trusted to do this for people. But, guess what?! Sometimes I get tired of it! Since having Gavin, the calls have decreased.....I think because they know that I'm more busy. In fact, I feel like I've lost some people in my life, because I wasn't available to be there for them as much as I used to be. This hurts....but it's probably a good thing, because I really don't need the extra responsibility!

But, this doesn't mean that I don't hear my fair share of compaining from others. And, all of a sudden, probably because this month has been so trying on me, I just don't have the patience for petty issues any longer!

Let me sum it up this way:

-If you wake up in the morning, and you are not constantly NEEDED by someone....you are quite blessed!

-If you have a 4 1/2 year old child who can sit up on his own....you are very blessed!

-If your child gets sick and you don't have to worry about whether or not they will need to be on oxygen, or need to go to the hospital, or have to watch them have seizure after seizure....you are blessed!

-If you can run to the grocery store and just have your 4 year old climb into the car and walk beside you in the store, or sit up in the grocery cart....you are blessed!

-If you are having to go through the stress of potty training your child and it's not going well....just be thankful that your child will one day be potty trained.....because you are blessed!

-If you are having to force your child to eat certain things, because they are a picky eater.....just feel blessed that your child is able to eat by mouth!

-If your back and neck aren't always hurting you because you have to carry around your 30 pound child EVERYWHERE.....you are blessed!

-If your child isn't stiff as a board, due to high tone, and you can easily sit them on your lap, without having to force them into a sitting position and keeping them in a sitting position....you are blessed!

-If your child doesn't have 12 doctors.....you are bessed!

-If your child doesn't take numerous medictions each day....you are blessed!

-If the doctors, nurses and pharmacists don't know your voice over the phone....you are blessed!

-If your child enjoys bathtime and can sit up in the bath, without needing a monsterous bathchair, that takes up a ton of space in your house, and if your child doesn't scream and fight you the whole time you are cleaning them up....you are blessed!

-If you can watch your child play and enjoy life.....you are blessed!

-If your child can talk and walk....you are blessed!

-If your child was born healthy.....you are blessed!

-If your child doesn't gag, retch and spit up lots during the day, and you aren't worried about aspiration into the lungs causing pneumonia.....you are blessed!

-If your child didn't have a massive stroke at 6 months of age, and he has little chance of doing many of the things mentioned above.....YOU ARE BLESSED!

So, if you ever complain to me about your petty issues.....For many of you, I just want you to be aware that I will probably win the "who had the worst day award!" I'm here for you, but seriously.....there are worse things in life to complain about! (***This is not intended for anyone in particular, I just get so tired of hearing people, in general, complain about life so much!***)

WHEW! I feel much better now!

I do have to follow this with the message that I know that I AM VERY BLESSED as well! I have so much to be thankful for and I do not take these things for granted, because I know that life is a lot more fragile than a lot of people will ever know!

Also, I know that others have it WAY WORSE than I do! There are Mommas out there wishing that they could care for their child right now....but their child is no longer on this side of heaven. Plus, my family has a place to live, food to eat, family and friends who love us, and support us......and the list goes on and on!

I guess I'm just trying to help remind everyone how blessed you truly are! Don't take the "little" things for granted! There are always other people who are suffering more than you are! And, complaining all the time will get you nowhere! Life truly is GOOD! Sometimes it's all in how you make it out to be! Your mind is a powerful thing.....use it wisely, and with a thankful attitude. Be thankful if you are able to walk, talk and be of service to others! Be thankful if you aren't wondering where your next meal is coming from! Because, in our own ways, we are all very blessed!

And, be thankful if you are given the gift of caring for someone like Gavin.....because even though it is a TON of extra work and responsibilty, there are also many lessons to be learned and much love to be gained! Gavin has opened my eyes to so much, and I am very blessed that God chose me to care for him! And, I know that even though there are days that are extra tough, God will give me the strength to rise to the occasion.....somehow.....some way!

Now I'm off to one of Gavin's many doctors! Hopefully we get some good news!

"Blessed is he who considers the poor; the Lord will deliver him in time of trouble." Psalm 41:1


Heather said...

So sorry that February has been what it has been.Praying March brings much better things for you all.Healthier,better things.

Sending you love as you are feeling as you are feeling.I get it.Really I do.Sometimes it truly is better to unload it all.Cleansing.

And,I WISH Zoey had Gavin's potty issues ... she hasn't pooped in 13 days.No joke.

And,I got an email kicked back to me that I sent you ...I was making sure you saw the iPad give away at marissas bunny.Lacey posted it about it.I had called her and emailed a bunch of people.You one of them.So get on that my friend ... Gavin needs an iPad!

Michelle said...

Preach it sister! Seriously, if I could I would be at your home right now giving you a big whopping hug. Keeping you in prayer, Love and hugs.

Annette Gysen said...

I'm feeling blessed that I got to see him and you at what must have been one of your few February outings. Hoping (and praying) that March will be much better for Gavin and the rest of his family!

Cammie Heflin said...

I can so relate to SOME of these tings! I'm so sorry February was so stinky, really praying March is better!!! Give Gavin hugs and kisses from Addy, we love him!

Colleen said...

Here's to a much better month! I don't think most people with healthy children realize how blessed they are. We truly are the blessed ones though because our kids give us a whole new perspective on life.

Amy said...

AMEN, sister! We all need this reminder - thank you. I pray you are all on the mend and back to health for a GOOD LONG WHILE! Give Gavin and the older boys a kiss from Aunt Amy and TaterMan. We love you all sooooo much! xoxo

Lacey said...

I would love to have some of those things for Jax! I can relate to every single one, but Jax and Gavin are twins that way!
Also, Jax was 6 months old when he had his brain injury! It just gets crazier with these boys.

Emily said...

Thanks Alicia for the wonderfully true reminders. There are SO many blessings in life that we overlook and focus on the one or two small things that aren't going our way. I dont enjoy listening to others complain but I know I do it myself-- it is really just a bad habit and shows an ungrateful heart . . . thanks again for sharing your wisdom and encouraging us to keep things in perspective!